Doesn’t even need a plug on it any more…

It’s a common complaint in school IT support departments that they are treated as general dogs-bodies there to help with any electrical appliance at all. VCRs, kettles, microwaves, desk lamps… the saying goes that “if it has a plug on it, it must be IT”.

Today set a new low for that sentiment, when I was asked to supply new AA batteries for an electric pencil sharpener.

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11 responses to “Doesn’t even need a plug on it any more…”

  1. J says :

    We have a teacher that needs us to actually load the staples into her electric stapler! She sends a student to the tech office about once a month.

  2. Dave Hope says :

    This isn’t just limited to school IT departments. Every company I’ve worked at seems to assume the IT department have an endless supply of electrical extension leads, batteries, etc.

  3. Bill Leahy says :

    Did the pencil sharpener have an IP address because that would change everything! ;)

    • Tymex says :

      Even with IP it should have an embedded Java interpreter or at least Postcript interpreter and that is obsolete at the moment – that’s why sharpeners do not evolve any more :)

      • Bill Leahy says :

        That’s also why sharpeners are shipped in working order as opposed to, “Quick ship it even though it’s not ready. We can patch it in the field!”

  4. Ozimandius says :

    I’m surprised they didn’t ask you to setup a trust relationship between the pencil and the sharpener yet. I still get asked to change the batteries in the wireless keyboard and mouse combos that are used around the office. I get the administrative staff to do it as they manage the stock of batteries. Doh.

    • Mr T. says :

      When somebody new asks me to load up a toner cartridge (because they think i am able to) i also ask them if i could also load “them” up with a paper and it’s clear they can do it on their own.

  5. Julius says :

    Today I found out that all the school’s batteries are being purchased from the ICT budget…

  6. Lee says :

    I was asked to provide some Tipex today. My life is now complete.

  7. kent tech says :

    Oh we can go one better than that, how about all asset mgt as it’s ” mostly it stuff”, plus pat testing everything from fridges to lathes, then add goods in because apparently we order more stuff than other depts, oh and air conditioning ” because it’s in an IT suite”

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