The Mystery Fridge

The refrigerator in our Science prep room scares me.

First it was the fact that half the contents looked like they were specimens of some kind, cosying right up next to the milk the department used for coffee.

Then it was the email that went round from the Head of Science one day:

Dear All,

There is some mystery meat in the Science fridge. If it is not claimed by 2pm, it will be disposed of as a matter of Health and Safety.

Later it was the school nurse walking in to my office with a bottle of ether and some drugs she’d found in the aforementioned fridge, one of which was some penicillin that expired before I was born, and the other being a pack of doses of Gonadotropin from the same era.

I don’t go into the Science prep room any more.

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4 responses to “The Mystery Fridge”

  1. Mark Dowling (@mark_dowling) says :

    If it makes you feel any better, I steer clear of our big.ugly.corp fridges too. Unfortunately there is no Task Scheduler/cron for those things to carry out ruthless night time purges, no less than weekly.

  2. Nico says :

    Sounds like the fridge in our staff room. Surprised the contents of the fridge haven’t walked out of the building.

  3. Neil H says :

    Sounds like you need a new science technician, I’d be happy and more than capable of filling the role.

  4. Jeff says :

    CLEAPPS was a science tech info service that circulated a monthly magazine of horror stories dressed up as H&S info to all the members of JANET before JANET existed.

    According to one edition of CLEAPPS a technician got blew to the other side of a room when he opened a fridge used to hold rat dissection samples, the light come on and ignited the explosive atmosphere of formaldehyde that was rising out of the rat’s vinegary bodies. A Rat Trap so to speak.

    Having worked in Education I would be less than surprised if this wasn’t just a jolly jape to pass the time, like making thermite and trying to make lpg powered rocket cars out of coke bottles….its flipping boring the summer months.

    I used to have a walk in fridge when I was a science tech and a lab bigger than Walter White’s.

    I am the danger, thats all I’m saying LOL.

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