All Good Things


This was my last year at my school.

It’s been the best part of 6 years since I started ranting about my job in a school I’d grown to dislike, and a few years afterwards I told that school where to stuff it and moved on to pastures new. Now the time for change is upon me again, as I recently accepted a more senior position at another institution. While it’s not quite the lofty hallowed halls of Senior Management, it’s senior enough (and pays enough) that it would no longer be appropriate to air my dirty laundry online.

If I’m really lucky, there may not even be any. But if there is, you won’t have to endure me pontificating about it.

If you get bored, there’s always the archives.

About The Angry Technician

The Angry Technician is an experienced IT professional in the UK education sector. Normally found in various states of annoyance on his blog. All views are those of his imaginary pet dog, Howard.

37 responses to “All Good Things”

  1. jbergeronvt says :

    Congratulations! Good luck with the new position, I’ll definitely miss your rants.

  2. dyason says :

    Sorry to hear. I’ve enjoyed your tales of anguish and woe far too much. Working in a similar environment myself they definitely hit home. I wish you luck in your new direction, but don’t be fooled. Stupidity is everywhere!

  3. Tom Newton (@thomasnewton) says :

    Very sad to see you bow out gracefully, I have enjoyed your postings. Best of luck with the manglement position ;)

  4. Mark Dowling (@mark_dowling) says :

    It’s been fun while it lasted – come for the technical stuff, stay for the shared agony of users. Now I have to go back to watching a green blob on a find my iPhone screen because a user left it on a train… not because I have to but because it’s oddly fascinating.

  5. Anonymous says :

    Loved it. Best of luck in your new role.

  6. zak says :

    Really sorry to see you go AT. Your rants and post’s have been a highlight in my otherwise drab and dreary inbox of school iT. I wish you all the best in your new job and if it all gets too much we will be here to listen to the rants again :-).

  7. Christer Nilsson-Ljunggren says :

    I’m happy for you, I will miss your post and I hope that something will popup here. GOOD LUCK

  8. Richard Hickson (@RichHickson) says :

    Good Luck, All the best. Thanks for the entertainment!

  9. thingsiloveaboutrhona says :

    Thank you for all of your entries over the years. Great to see we aren’t the only ones that have “interesting” users out there.
    Good luck in your new position!!

  10. MrsAT says :

    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

  11. Kristian says :

    Been a pleasure listening to the kvetching – it’s helped me fix a bunch of things at my office. Happy trails!

  12. Angry Squirrel says :

    Best of luck, you’ll be missed.

  13. Steve says :

    Good Luck and all the best for the future such a shame its come to an end Thank you for cheering me up over the years

  14. Alex says :

    Good luck in your new post!
    (and good luck to any hapless staff members who think they can waste your time)
    Are you planning a more conventional blog, where you still talk about cool technical challenges/solutions – like your posts on TV channels?

  15. chrl268 says :

    You will be missed, but congratulations on the new job

  16. Jon Holden-Dye says :

    Well I have to say that I’m a bit shocked, but mostly ANGRY that you’ve decided to join the suits. In the immortal words of Bobby Chariot – “Bloody sod yer, then!”.
    More to the point – best wishes, and I hope it goes well for you. The blogosphere has lost a good’un.

  17. gaiusjuliuscaesar says :

    I just wanted to say thank you and best wishes!

  18. SteveM says :

    Good luck, break a leg as they say….
    Any chance of someone taking over on AT? I’d be interested and have far too much content!

  19. Vialli says :

    You will be missed, all the best for the future

  20. aninystrom says :

    Wow, congrats! You’ll definitely be missed here. I wish you luck on your new job – but you never know, you might just come back here every once in a while!

  21. Another_Technician says :

    So good to see you promoted to a senior position…..Enjoyed your angers, as I share the same, being in technical support. It’s funny, a technician, wherever he is (developed world or a 3rd world country) faces the same challenges.

  22. Nick says :

    Congratulations! Loved reading the blog and laughing at just how similar your problems are to ours. I’m sure you will be back!

  23. Wallace says :

    Very sad to hear that you’ll no longer be posting. Good luck in the new job. Regards Wallace.

  24. jennyw12000 says :

    Just wanted to add my appreciation and best wishes – we have been greatly entertained, and it has been pretty good therapy into the bargain! We are not alone…

  25. Jon says :

    Enjoyed your rants and technical posts over the years. Good Luck.

  26. Mark Kraemer says :

    Loved reading your stuff. It’s a shame to see you go.

    Are you going to keep your twitter account active?

  27. nanoymasterNanoyMaster says :

    I’ll miss you and this blog :(

  28. Simon Kellett says :

    Say it ain’t so: I’ve really enjoyed your irregular, and irreverent, posts over the years, but congrats on the new position.

  29. A Fan says :

    Sorry to hear, much success in your new endeavor.

  30. Jeremy says :

    Your rants will be missed, but best of luck!

  31. vasilis says :

    my best wishes with your next adventure,don’t abandon your blog

  32. kieron middleton says :

    You were the light at the end of my tunnel. Knowing that somewhere, someone was sharing the same end user problems that I deal with on a day to day basis. That light is fading. My hope is gone. Will they ever be able to add a shortcut to their desktop? Will they be able to add a website to their bookmarks? Can they use Ctrl C and Ctrl V in an adequate manner? No…. my hope is lost.

    Thank you for so much information and entertainment. It was appreciated.

  33. Rich Frangiamore (@auburntigerrich) says :

    Long Live the Angry Technician.

  34. Katt says :

    *cries in corner*

  35. GhoulCubes says :

    I’m a latecomer to your blog; but am sad to see you go.

    So many nails with sore heads

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