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All Good Things


This was my last year at my school.

It’s been the best part of 6 years since I started ranting about my job in a school I’d grown to dislike, and a few years afterwards I told that school where to stuff it and moved on to pastures new. Now the time for change is upon me again, as I recently accepted a more senior position at another institution. While it’s not quite the lofty hallowed halls of Senior Management, it’s senior enough (and pays enough) that it would no longer be appropriate to air my dirty laundry online.

If I’m really lucky, there may not even be any. But if there is, you won’t have to endure me pontificating about it.

If you get bored, there’s always the archives.


Second day back after surgery, I had my 6-month probationary meeting.

I passed. They’re stuck with me.



HahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHA*cough*cough* sorry, erm, don’t know what came over me there.



For those wondering about the lack of posts over the last week, the explanation is that I had to undergo some unexpected surgery on Wednesday, and have been off work since then recovering. Normal ranting will hopefully resume next week.

Objects in mirror are less Angry than they appear

People who know me in real life will be well aware that I’m not nearly as rage-filled in person as I am on this blog. That’s partly down to the cathartic nature of writing, and partly due to the fact that I’m genuinely a lot happier in my new job than I was working in my previous institution. That, combined with the ongoing summer break, means I’ll be posting less frequently in future.

Starting next week, I’ll still be posting, but not daily. That schedule may or may not continue once September arrives, depending, of course, on how much the existing RM curriculum network irritates me once I’m dealing with it on a daily basis once more. Only time will tell.


If you are a supplier wanting to do business with me, know this: I take a very dim view of offers of free gifts.

I don’t care if it’s the way business is done.

I don’t care if every other school is doing it.

I believe in better.

The money I spend is not my own. In my current position, it is taxpayer’s money. If I accept something from you that is only of use to me, in return for money that is not mine, that is theft. There is at least one person in my school that takes part in this kind of bribery, and I have been extremely critical of it. I refuse even to look the other way, let alone be party to it.

By all means knock some money off my order. If you waive the next-day delivery charge, you bring yourself that much closer to ‘best-value’, even if your goods prices are no better than the next guy. Offer me, personally, anything more valuable than a promotional mug or pad of Post-It notes, and you are only hurting your chances of me using you as a supplier.

It’s not your computer

Not long ago, I was faced at another school I support with a situation where a teacher who had recently gone on maternity leave had to be pressured by management to return their laptop while they were away, so that their substitute had a laptop to use.

The ICT co-ordinator bemoaned the ignorant excuses they gave: “I don’t want people looking at my personal email or files!” This was someone who didn’t really understand that if you log on with a different account, you get different files and settings. This explanation had to be put to the teacher several times before she finally relented and brought the laptop in.

I listened and agreed with all of the ICT co-ordinator’s complaints, before pointing out that they need not have had the discussion at all. Management only needed to say one thing.

“This laptop is not yours. It is the school’s. We decide who uses it.”

Platitudes are relevant in certain situations, but the fact is, teachers in many schools seem to think that the laptop they are loaned is a perk of the job. It isn’t. If it was, it would be a taxable benefit. So, until they start paying tax on ‘their’ laptop, they can shut their cake-hole and comply with any request the school makes regarding that equipment’s use.

Anger Management

Sometimes when I get annoyed, I’ll have to vent to someone to cool off.

Sometimes I go for a walk.

Sometimes it becomes that day’s blog post.

Eventually, it becomes clear that there is only one way to deal with it.

I handed in my notice today. At the end of June, I will be taking up a Network Manager post in a school much closer to home. It’s more responsibility, better pay, and less than 10 minutes drive from my house.

It’s hard to be angry on a day like today.