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Intruige and Disappointment

I spent most of yesterday with my school’s ICT Co-ordinator at BETT; my first time at the show, which turned out to be thoroughly useful and interesting.

One of the most intriguing products I saw on display was the PVI2600 Pro-Vue Interactive Projector from CIE Group. Back in 2007 you may remember a series of YouTube videos of innovative uses of the Nintendo Wii remote by Johnny Chung Lee, then a postgraduate student at Carnegie Mellon University. One of his projects was to show how the Wii Remote could be used to track an infrared light source on the end of a pen, turning any surface into an interactive whiteboard. At the time I wondered how long it would be before similar technology was commercialised, and yesterday I saw it not only on the market, but at a reasonable price, integrated directly into a high-quality front projection unit. The result is a potentially highly-portable interactive surface so large, you need an extra-long pen to reach the top of it:

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