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NMs: invitation to take part in research

I was contacted on Friday by a company looking for network managers to take part in a telephone interview as part of some research they are undertaking. I agreed I would repost their invitation as I imagine some readers may be interested, so here it is:

Bunnyfoot, a Usability Consultancy, are looking for network managers to interview about the sort of tasks that you perform in your jobs and the typical online resources that you make use of as you set about these tasks.

The interview would be performed over the phone and in two parts – the first lasting about 45 minutes and the second part a couple of days later for about 25 minutes. You would be paid £30 for your time.

If you’re interested and able to be interviewed next week, please email adambunnyfoot.com – thanks!

I don’t know any more about the research than this, so please direct any queries directly to Adam Dimmick via his email address above.