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How to fix a ‘User information is disabled’ error on the Canon imageRUNNER Remote UI

This was a pretty weird one, and Google didn’t turn up anything useful, so hopefully this will help anyone with the same problem in future.


When logging into the Remote UI of a Canon imageRUNNER in System Manager Mode, I got the following message right after entering the System Manager ID and Password, and could not proceed any further:

User information is disabled. This operation cannot be accepted. User certification is invalid or date expired. Update page.

The problem affected 3 out of 10 of my new printers. All the new printers had replaced existing printers, and I had reused their IP addresses and hostnames. I soon realised that the 3 affected had replaced the 3 Kyocera Mita printers I had, and that all the unaffected printers had replaced different makes.

When I logged in using a different browser, the problem did not occur, so I realised it was something specific to my normal Firefox profile.


I discovered that the web interface of the previous Kyocera Mita printers had set a cookie named rtl which was the cause of the problem. Removing this cookie for each of the affected printers immediately resolved the problem.

rtl cookie

Rose tinted distortion

We bought a couple of Canon PowerShot A480 cameras this week for the students to use. As soon as they arrived, I set about testing them. Popped some fresh batteries and a memory card into the first one, turned it on, and then…

…found it was bloody broken.

How on earth does something make its way out of the factory like that?

Dear Canon

When you hide the most useful version of your driver software on your U.S. website, leaving the European site bereft of even an explanation that an alternative exists to the retrograde version you foist upon us, you are wasting both my time, and yours.

Wait, scratch that. It’s just my time you’re wasting. Cut that out, will you?

I expect this from HP, not from you.

Love and kisses,