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I HATE these stickers.

Not just the Windows ones; Intel, AMD, Creative; any sticker that advertises the innards of a machine is an offence not only to me but to the person who designed the computer in the first place.


There is not a product designer in existence who leant back in his chair one day and said to himself, “You know what would make this computer case PERFECT? A postage stamp-sized advertisement, clumsily stuck on by a ham-fisted moron who wouldn’t know straight if you beat him with a spirit level.”

There is simply no faster way to cheapen the look of a computer than to bung one of these on it. The first thing I do when I get a new computer is rip the damn things off. Often before even turning it on. LadiesMan and Overshare will probably have fond memories of me lambasting them if ever they forgot to do the same. That’s CHARACTER BUILDING, my friends. DISCIPLINE. RESPECT for the hard work of that designer, even if he does design cases for RM. He did not go through 4 years of university just to have a wonky advert slapped onto his painstaking design.

One day, you’ll thank me.

Dear Intel

If a RAID1 verify following a power failure takes 3 hours and utterly cripples the machine for the duration, to the point it is literally unusable, then using RAID is a waste of time. Even if there had been a drive problem, I could have replaced the drive and restored from a backup by now.

Love and kisses,