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Getting unread mail details from Google Apps via 2-legged OAuth in .NET

Don’t get me wrong, I’m very glad that the Google Apps .NET API library exists. Unfortunately, the documentation can be a little obscure, and there isn’t a lot in the way of example code around for it, especially when it comes to OAuth. Even the official documentation page has only a single .NET example, and that uses an API call that is deprecated in the latest version.

To make matters worse, getting user data out of Gmail isn’t really supported at all by the Google Apps API. You can change settings and provision accounts, but not get any actual email. However, there is a single feed for Gmail to retrieve unread email details in Atom format, and you can use it with 2-legged OAuth. This isn’t mentioned at all on the page that lists the API scopes, and there’s no official support for it. But it works.

The big advantage of using 2-legged OAuth, in case you’re unaware, is that you (as the Google Apps administrator) can create an application which retrieves data for your users without them having to supply their credentials or go through the standard OAuth approval mechanism. This is especially advantageous in, say, a web portal application in a school. You need to set up 2-legged OAuth in the control panel to get your consumer key and secret, but that’s the easy part.

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