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Dear BT Openreach

Until I moved home recently, I had an ADSL account through Plusnet (a BT subsidiary). When you enabled 21CN on the exchange, I called Plusnet, and was merrily transferred onto a 21CN service in about a week. It went flawlessly. The transfer work began in the exchange around 2am one morning, and the connection was back up 20 minutes later.

So, why is it that when I requested the same regrade for the ADSL account at work, at the same time, which was on the exact same IPStream Max product on the same exchange – but supplied via Zen Internet – was I told that there would be several months wait because there was allegedly so little 21CN capacity being released to resellers at my exchange?

Furthermore, why is it that when the order was eventually actioned by BT Openreach, you started the work at around 2am, but did not pass the completion data through to Zen until TEN GODDAMNED THIRTY in the morning, meaning we were without Internet access until 10.50am?

Is it because your claim that you do not give BT-owned ADSL resellers any preferential treatment is a complete lie? Because that’s how it looks from here.

I’m just sayin’.

Love and kisses,