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Xerox are ripping me off

You may recall my post last year about how much toner appeared to be left in a Xerox 6125 toner cartridge that the printer was reporting as ’empty’. Though much delayed, I have now quantified the leftovers, and the results are startling.

Xerox are ripping me off. Big time.

I weighed a yellow cartridge (P/N 106R01333) when it was full, fitted it and ran it until the printer spat it out as empty, then weighed it again to determine how much mass it had lost through toner being used. I then emptied as much remaining toner as I could without breaking into the cartridge, and weighed the cartridge a third time. (I also weighed the extracted leftover toner to double check).

Here’s what I found:

Full cartridge 83.3 g
‘Empty’ cartridge 75.3 g
Actual empty cartridge 71.0 g
Toner used 8.0 g
Toner remaining 4.3 g
Total toner 12.3 g

That’s right: this crooked printer is reporting the cartridge as empty when there is still an entire third of the toner remaining inside the cartridge!

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