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SYSTEM NEEDS REPLACEMENT. Initialization halted.

I go offsite for SIX MEASLY HOURS today to attend the SharePoint in Education event, and what happens? The switch that malfunctioned a few weeks ago chose today to suddenly lock up again, after I thought I’d fixed it following a firmware upgrade and two weeks of uptime.

This switch... is a git.

SIX HOURS. I rarely leave the damn site that long at the WEEKEND, so of course the sodding thing had to pick today to wet its knickers. Words cannot express my annoyance when I got back on site. I hate this switch with a passion you can only dream of.

ROM information:
Build directory: /sw/rom/build/fishrom(f04)
Build date: Jul 21 2004
Build time: 10:45:52
Build version: H.08.02
Build number: 137

OS identifier found at @ 0x7cb80000
Verifying Image validity ...
CRC on OS image header Passed
CRC on complete OS image file Passed
Valid OS image @ 0x7cb80000



SYSTEM NEEDS REPLACEMENT. Initialization halted.

There are going to be some murders.

HP know how to ring in the new term

The first full school day after Easter is always a fun experience.

What is less fun is running around the school with emergency swap-in equipment after a two-month-old HP Procurve 2650 decides to lock up inexplicably and leave an entire building without IP connectivity.

I was… unamused.