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Promethean unboxing… of DOOM

Years ago, before I went to university, I worked in a small retail store that specialised in small business services. A major part of the business was acting as a shipping agent, providing professional packing services to small businesses and consumers, and shipping them via premium couriers that the average Joe would not normally have easy access to.

The store owner, a Californian ex-pat who had married into the country, taught me some important rules about packaging:

  1. Never ship anything by Parcel Farce,
  2. ‘Fragile’ means ‘Throw Me Harder’ in baggage handler dialect, and, most importantly,
  3. The best shipping insurance is good packaging.

#3 on that list is why shipments from Dabs always come in a box that seems twice as big as it needs to be; the void space is to create a buffer zone between your goods and the thorough kicking the box will suffer at the hands of the carrier they are forced to use in order to satiate your lust for cheap P&P. It’s a rule that Promethean no doubt had in mind when they shipped me this box:

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