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Adobe: We don’t support business use

Dear Adobe,

When you put a paragraph like this in your release notes:

“Roaming Profiles on Windows and Networked Home Directory on Macintosh are not supported configurations for 9.0 or 9.1, however we have made several fixes in 9.1. We are looking at the possibility of supporting this for the next major release.”

…what you are really saying is “we don’t support our products for business use”. Roaming profiles and networked home directories are standard features of these operating systems when used by large companies. To say you don’t support them is to say you do not support your biggest customers.

I cannot stress enough what a spectacularly stupid idea this is.

Of course, I know what’s really going on here. It’s you wimping out because for the last 8 months you’ve known about a massive bug in one of your flagship products and a lot of your customers with support contracts are hacked off. You clearly think you can fob them off by bleating that ‘it’s not supported’. Unfortunately, you have already lost future business over this. Almost certainly a lot more than you think.

The fact that this bug also exists in other products you have released recently only underlines the fact that some of your programmers are idiots and your testing regime is substandard. Last month I bought a suite of licences for Adobe Premiere Elements 7 only to find it has the same bug. I sent them back for a refund and bought Serif MoviePlus X3 instead, which was not only cheaper, but also has more features. Next time I need software, guess who I’ll be calling first?

Love and kisses,