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Securing your Google Apps SHA1 password hashes

For me, one of the advantages of Google Apps over Live@Edu is the simplicity of the tool used to automatically provision user accounts based on your Active Directory. While Live@Edu requires you to use the complicated Identity Lifecycle Manager (which consumes significant server resources), Google Apps Directory Sync can be run on the bare minimum of hardware and takes only a very short time to set up.

When used in conjunction with the sha1hexfltr program, you can not only synchronise the user account data, but also the user’s password, ensuring the user does not have to remember two different passwords for their standard computer logon and their Google Apps account. Unfortunately, the way it does so is not the exactly most secure method in the world.

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Replicating PHP’s sha1() in VBScript

The reason I wanted to do this will become obvious at a later date, but for now I wanted to get this little script up on its own because I wasn’t able to find a complete solution when I went looking for it.

The following code replicates the basic functionality of the sha1() function in PHP:

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