The Technician

The Angry Technician is a fictional character based loosely on the experiences of the author, an experienced IT professional in the UK education sector.

The Blog

The creation of this blog was inspired partly by a number of other blogs the author reads in which people with far more dramatic and exciting jobs describe their daily exploits, and partly after a few of the author’s former colleagues described (perhaps sarcastically) how much they missed his rage-filled rants on technology and the people who claim to be able to use it. Expecting to post perhaps once a week, he was surprised when he was able to keep up a schedule of posting on almost every working day for more than 6 months, and then realised the full horror of the task he was now committed to.

The name of the blog was inspired by a nickname once given to the author by some sixth-form students, “The Angry Man”, which he supposes is due to the fact that he rarely deals with students who haven’t done something wrong, and because he frequently marches around the school site at an alarming pace for no reason other than that he dislikes walking slowly.

You can read more about the nature of the blog in the About category. Commenters, please read my submission policy.

The Author

The author of The Angry Technician has worked in the IT industry since 2000, and has spent most of that working in a range of schools from primary and preparatory level (age 3+) all the way to university level (18+). After completing a 3½ year tour of duty in a state secondary grammar, he now enjoys a more sedate lifestyle as the Network Manager at an independent preparatory school, where he lives on-site, saving 2 hours of commuting each day. He is remarkably less explosive in real life than in his writing.

In his time outside work, the author tends to do more work, in the form of endless tinkering and trying out new software and hardware. He can often be found lurking on the EduGeek forums. He is married, but has no children. He is beginning to wonder whether all this work in schools will put him off having them forever.

The Opinions

The opinions expressed here are those of The Angry Technician, and are not claimed to be the opinions of the author’s employer, his colleagues, his dog, or even himself. Any similarity to the opinions of any person (living or dead) is either coincidence, or simply because an awful lot of people think that way (especially if it’s about HP).

For the purposes of copyright only, any reference to “The Angry Technician” should be interpreted as a pseudonym for the author.

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