I hate HP

Never buy HP.

I don’t say this lightly. I have many companies who I have some dislike for, but my rancour is usually reserved for a subsection of their products, or a specific aspect of their service.

There is nothing about HP that I like.

I’m sure there must be people who have no problems with their stuff or they wouldn’t still be in business, but I’m not one of them. Every interaction I’ve had with their support has been bad. Their laptops are hard to service and poorly designed. Their home printers are cheap, and correspondingly nasty. Their enterprise printers develop inexplicable faults at random that HP support never acknowledge as an issue. Their printer drivers are so bloated and bug-ridden, they’ve become an industry joke. Their consumable model is so closely based on the disposable razorblade model that a full set of cartridges is usually almost as expensive as buying a new printer with cartridges included – in one case I saw recently, the cost of the cartridges was 97% of the cost of a new printer (it wasn’t on special offer).

They also bleat on about not buying refilled cartridges, then they refill their own (badly) and sell them again as new, and lie about it. I have first hand evidence of this, by the way; a brand ‘new’ cyan cartridge I opened a few months ago (which was still sealed in an HP box) had yellow toner still stuck on the roller from its previous life.

I will never buy anything from them again. My recommended alternatives? For computers or servers: Dell, Lenovo, or IBM. Cameras, scanners, or home printers: Canon. Enterprise printers: Xerox. Networking: Linksys or Cisco.

If there are any product lines I haven’t covered, let me know. I’ll happily recommend someone else. It’s not that I have any great love for the alternatives here, it’s just that I utterly hate HP.


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The Angry Technician is an experienced IT professional in the UK education sector. Normally found in various states of annoyance on his blog. All views are those of his imaginary pet dog, Howard.

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  1. joe90bass says :

    HP drivers, we could be here for ever talking about how bloated and crap they are, however…. The website http://www.bbspot.com/News/2006/02/hp-printer-driver.html you linked to sums them up nicely – “Our drivers were at 300 MB and still didn’t work” We’ve all been there……..

    • Mothman says :

      I cannot use my scan facility without replacing my inks even though I don’t need to print anything. Bunch of t***s.

      • Cindy says :

        You CAN use the HP scanner part of an all-in-one HP printer with no ink cartridges. I do it all the time with a broken (will scan but won’t print) HP PCS 750xi printer. The trick? DON’T install HP’s drivers. Just let your OS find the minimal built-in drivers and you won’t get that “no/bad cartridge” error. I’ve done this on both Windows XP and Windows8/8.1. Works dandy as a scanner using the built-in Paint program’s scan input (I used Office 2000′s Microsoft Photo Editor in WinXP).

        • Maeday76 says :

          HAHAHAAAHAHAAAA!!!! Awesome! Now I can use my circa 1995 software with my boat anchor of a refurbished turd they won’t support and overcharged me for. Two birds, one f**king useless stone!

    • Neville Scollop says :

      wtf… I downloaded a driver from the HP website and installed it, it created a new user in my Windows user profiles called (Malisa). The driver was for a network card on their heap-of-s*** laptop 630 model here’s the link:


      What is going on HP? No other drivers for any other hardware I have ever used has done that.

    • pita says :

      0y 2eyb6ard…doesn’t make sense? That’s because hp phone support cropped my keyboard and the letters don’t correspond. After 2 hours IN my laptop. HP really sxxxx…. I now hate them with a passion. My printer HP Deskjet 3510is not compatible with a passion

      • nunya says :

        This is a Fn+ sequence on your laptop the turns the 7-m-9-> area in to a number pad for people the can type faster with such (even some laptops that have separate number pads still have this function o_0). on my current laptop it is Fn+F11 look across your F1-12 keys {if it’s not there look at other buttons} for a picture that looks like a number pad and then press Fn+ that key, and that will fix it.

    • ajl says :

      i got sick of hp banners telling me the bloody printer was off line , when as i am not blind i already knew it…. so i deleted all hp software, now my laptop has been very slow since mozilla wont work unless i re install it every time i restart and even re installing their s*** did not work . also there is something about their printer software that does not like anyone choosing what to install, instead of doing their recommended install, which i wont do as i want to print, not become part of their c*** story. as for cartridges what a joke i have about 6 printers about the place as its cheaper to replace it… never again . anyone know if i can sort out my laptop. i will never connect another hp product .

    • Sam Helm says :

      Tried to download a HP driver compatible with Windows 98 for the HP Laserjet 8000N, but could not get it done. The CD with the printer is for Windows 3.1. Seems like a pretty good printer, although it has been remanufactured and has been used only lightly by me. HP appeared to offer it, but I got the following message when I repeatedly entered the serial number and product number, and I double checked for accuracy about ten times. Plus when I went to HP chat and support for help I got stopped, as, apparently a warranty or service pack for a fee is required to even communicate with HP. It all seems diabolic,unless I’m doing something wrong and have them all wrong. No wonder “corporate America” is so politically unpopular with consumers. It seems that as often as not there is some money grubbing hurdle the consumer has to pay to get over in order to just get the basic product to work. It’s not as if leaving drivers on their server would cost them anything much at all. Maybe they do it so they can sell their old customer base to some 3rd party provider of drivers. Not sure why a company would think that abusing their old customers would be any better of an idea than doing it to their new ones. Tell me if I’m wrong. I would love to be wrong.
      (message I got when trying to download compatible driver)
      Serial number *
      Error: This product number is not associated with the serial number provided. Please review your records and make any necessary edits.
      Product number

    • Klaus says :

      I’m working for HP and knowing how they do their job, how serve their clients, how manage various situations, I do confirm: HP IS A BIG FAT S***! If i’m a customer, I will not let them even to polish my shoes!

  2. Mat Smith says :

    Regular conversation in the office: “I downloaded an HP driver the other day”, “oh yeah? How big was it”, “849237423942392348234.3GB”, “yeh that’s pretty normal nowadays”


    Printers really confuse me.

    I mean, how can there be advances in print driver software that anyone cares about? Why the hell don’t HP iterate towards one perfect, streamlined, bugless, generic print driver that works with all their kit (at least from now on)? It CAN’T BE HARD. Why don’t they spend their bucks on improving the hardware itself, to make it more reliable, reduce variables, perfect their support and distribution models, hell, charge MORE for the printers because everyone knows they will just work in business use, and the driver is an industry standard? I am convinced that it would be possible to use a 125Kb driver file that is built in to Windows 95 for pretty much every operation ever required for BW and colour printing.


    • Steve says :

      Their own recommendaton for most Laserjets is to install the old generic Windows HP Laserjet 4+ driver but I am not sure there is a W7 alternative – I have often seem that solve many issues on networks and on XP.

    • bubba hughes says :

      I have a Packard,what kind of a car is a Hewlett? I have a hp computer and a hp printer will they work together f… no!!!!!

  3. Mat Smith says :

    And to add to the above point, I would say I perfectly approve of HP development in all other areas (servers, desktops, notebooks, peripherals, etc.) as these require genuine innovation and boundary pushing.

    A printer, however does not. No innovation thanks, no boundary pushing, no ‘latest greatest model’ – not unless that leads to something that actually works. Printers are printers. They should be brainless, unlike eg. the latest development in blade server technology. Printers print. They don’t do anything else.


    • Dave says :

      I just wanted to vent about HP desktops. I hate them. Constant problems.

    • Johnny Fartpants says :

      Bravo – totally agree. HP needs to focus on making their “dumb” products – i.e. printers – just work!!!!! That will buy more product loyalty than anything else. Unfortunately the printer is the “Trojan Horse” for HP to screw every last penny out of every consumer (ink with an expiry date, extended warranty, premium rate customer support call numbers, etc, etc, etc) – who bought an HP printer in the vain hope that it would “just work”. Most people would happily pay more for a printer from a company that just ensures they PRINT – beware HP – you have been asleep at the wheel for FAR TOO LONG!!!!!!!

  4. AngryTechnician says :

    HP do actually have their Universal Print Driver for many of their business printers now. It’s 15.8MB, a significant improvement on the usual size of HP drivers, but it still doesn’t work properly on Vista SP1, and it occasionally screws up a user’s print preferences at random and causes their printouts to do one of two things:

    1. Require paper from the ‘Manual Feed’ tray, which stalls the printer until they go and press a button on the front of it.

    2. Prints the job as a mirror image.

    • Adrian says :

      My B110a is printing mirror images for no apparent reason all of a sudden! Literally half through a job it decided to start printing as a mirror image – how do I fix this?!?

  5. Joe Soap says :

    I could not agree with you more. I dont really mind the cumbersome and tedious driver search and driver downloads as much as I hate the continious updates on shit they sold my clients.
    The damn printer works after the first installation … why do they have to update? And HP does not only update …. It enhances .. to such an extent that the PC or Laptop comes to a grinding halt. On top of that this printer is connected to a HP Laptop. Now I have to visit forums on how to remove “Credential Manager” and all sorts of shit.
    I don’t know who to thank anymore. Must I thank Microsoft for all the holes and errors in their products … Or must I thank HP for all their downloads and updates. Between the problems caused by these two .. I make a relatively good living!
    If HP really wants to enhance my computer experience .. Why dont they rather put all their efforts into a new operating system! …. Hmm .. but wait …. maybe they have … Can anyone tell me if Linux users are also bothered by all these updates?

  6. Patrick says :

    HP is the same piece of shit comapny they always weren’t!! ONce they were pretty good, but now, I agree, they suck major scabby balls, their customer service is lower than whale shit, and their attitude to provide drivers and support is well, another piece of shit.

    Send em to Iraq!!

    • suzannek5 says :

      100% AGREE! I will never buy their printers again. So controlled that you can’t even refill HP cartridges and put back in the machine or you’ll get error messages and then can’t print, fax, or copy for the rest of the day. Not to mention their cartridge chips which track every thing. If you try to uninstall their tracking software, you’d might as well throw the printer away – which I do intend to do even though it’s only 7 months old. Never, ever, will I buy an HP Printer again. It’s been one big 7-month long hassle!

      • MIke says :

        Ditto!. 2Refills of Black ink with less than 500 pages! Also my Monitor keeps crashing….never heard of that before. Bought HP Monitor Pc and Printer/fax 01/06/13 They suck! Too late to return… Warranty…??? Who wants another one?!?!? I am soooo pissed! Never…Ever…Ever again……………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jenna says :

      OMG! Patrick your comment cracked me up!!! “they suck major scabby balls!” YES they do! I HATE HP too! I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER HP EVER AGAIN! So many glitches and updates that will not allow you to use it till it is done! And it’s so slow. I’ve only had this HP for about a week and I cannot stand it!!!!

  7. Bethany says :

    I have had two HP laptops over the last 3 years (the second was a replacement for the first broken one), and the second recently stopped working. It would not start up and the man who looked at it, said it was “goosed”. He also said that he looked at another HP with the exact same problem. The motherboard has been damaged and it is just over the year warranty, so i will have to have a think…I think if they offer me another laptop, i will refuse it.

    • Mandy says :

      Ok so after battling with them about a 3 month old PC which broke down 4 times they replaced it with a Pavilion P6 2020a a complete piece of s*** which has now also beep/amber failed and has only been used for 30hours in it’s entire useless life – as I have serious company files and other personal docs stored on it I will now have to pay to get it functional enough to copy the drive – at which point I will take great pleasure in running over it with my car….this is after a d6000 series laptop that had been used for only 10 hours in its life s*** itself also – due to a dodgy NvIdea Graphics card for which they gave me NO SUPPORT>>>>>> I cannot say enough how much I despise this company I will never buy any of their landfill products again….USELESS

  8. bill says :

    i realy realy hate hp !! f*@% them!!! they robbed me!

  9. Mubeen says :

    SOLUTION TO: BLOATED DRIVERS! – Type HP LaserJet 8000 Driver instead.

    Typically what I do to solve the bloat problem is to use OLD DRIVERS. Before doing this, read the printers language specifications. If the specs say it can support Postscript, or PCL 5e or PCL6, then use a smaller driver. Typically, HP LaserJet 8000 is THE BEST DRIVER you can get. It’s only 1.5 MB! I have often used HP’s 8000 driver on Lexmark printers and found it to print faster than Lexmark’s own driver! Keep in mind a few things, HP’s Enterprise products (the LJ8000 was an enterprise printer) are often more fine tuned than their regular consumer products.

    The only caveat to this is: a) your printer will be listed as an HP LaserJet 8000 in the printer and faxes folder. b) you can ONLY use it to print and not to fax or photocopy using the computer.

  10. Mithun says :

    absolutely true. I hate HP like anything unfortunately I already bought one laptop don’t know what to do. I would never ever recommend to any one about HP

    • logotrix says :

      Worst thing I ever bought, and I mean it. This piece s*** has crashed more times than I can count. Had an Asus for FIVE YEARS and this didn’t happen once. I absolutely HATE this laptop. And yes, the bloatware updates infuriate me. C***. Many a night I’ve fantasized about throwing off a bridge. When I buy a new notebook, I’m not giving this away. I will be smashing it with a hammer.

  11. PT Guy says :

    Add me to the list of HP haters! HP laptop crashed while performing one of THEIR recommended updates – unrecoverable, and just out of the one-year warranty period. And now I’ve lost hours trying to get my HP printer installed on my new (non-HP!) laptop. Ridiculous. Never again, HP…

  12. Manuel says :

    Totally agree!! … I hate HP too

    • John Whaley says :

      does anyone want to pick up a 2480 piece of sh** before I throw it in the garbage? My 1200 still works with anything I throw at it, but the $800+ 2480 never scans and with Windows 7 and MacBook doesn’t work at all. HP, YOU’RE A GODDAMN PIECE OF SH**

    • Mary Kilbride says :

      I too hate HP. My 15 month old printer collapsed in June. Since the technical help people hadn’t a clue how to fix it except to keep telling me it was out of guarantee, I bought another HP (!!) this also is playing up. Keeps printing expensive coloured HP propaganda or pages of black and white rigmarole which I do not want or just ignores the print button. Why can’t they just make a printer that works?? Their help people just repeat the obvious and are totally unhelpful.

  13. Donald says :

    Bought a tx 2050 ea laptop from HP, after around a year it started overheating, this damaged the GPU on the motherboard. HP say it is not design flaw (despite the many people who have had the same problem) they informed me that I should have taken an extended warranty (does this mean their products are designed to fail?) they also offered to repair it, if I paid £260. I can have the board repaired elsewhere for £70 and the cooling upgraded for a further £30.
    HP are not interested, they are committing fraud by selling equipment that is not fit for purpose (hence the reason I currently have a £650 paper weight)

  14. Sam says :

    I just have to chime in here. I hate hate hate HP printer software. What printer manufacturers usually do is provide print drivers; and then you can very simply and easily install the printer through the windows add/remove printer process. Very simple. Why does HP want to install the *full* software, when all I need are the drivers. Even with the drivers, it won’t let me install. Did I mention that I hate HP?

    The worst thing is that HP Smart Web Printing crashed several machines in my company. It would freeze IE, and then when you try to uninstall the HP Smart Web Printing component, it rips out almost all the users’ profile — Docs, Desktop, even Start Menu and quicklaunch menu items. Everything. Gone, without a trace. So I contacted HP on several occasions. Their response? “That’s not possible. HP Smart Web Printing cannot do that.” I beg to differ. I insisted time and again to get some escalation with the engineers; that’s what we typically do with Dell and Microsoft, when there’s no existing resolution. In the end, my favorite line that the HP so-called escalation customer support person said: “We do not provide customers access to engineers.” In the end, she still insisted that this is simply not possible, and that I should reinstall and other worthless troubleshooting steps. So much for any real ‘escalation’. Did I mention that I hate HP?

  15. Truth says :

    HP all in one printers are monkey s***.

    Look at their own forums.

    Text being cut off from the bottom of pages when printing, bloated software, bugs galore. And what does HP say?….

    They offer “workarounds” as opposed to reissuing NEW DRIVERS THAT DON’T SUCK MONKEY BALLS.

    Put down the f***ing doughnuts and write new drivers that arent TOTAL S*** YOU F***HEADS.

    Now they claim that due to “delays” they won’t even have windows 7 drivers available until the end of January, 2010!!

    The stockholders should realize these things and they would burn those incompetent overpaid s***head exec’s at the stake.

    FU HP, Die in a fire.

  16. Midna says :

    I hate HP with a passion aswell. Everything I owned or worked with that was HP was crap.

    I still have a HP camera I got a while ago. It seems to eat away the battery life like anything.

    My mom got a HP printer becuase it was color and only $20. It took awhile to install because it installed a bunch of useless stuff. That was like a month ago, ever since then, my computer and other ones in this house has been running slow. Blame the printer? I don’t know.

    This company used to be a good company one time but now, they sell cheap and useless crap. Most of there products have defective parts and when you send them away to get fixed, they have the same defective parts.

    One of the people at Staples told my Dad that HP was a good brand. So, my Dad automatically thought so to, even though that I’m really smart on computers and stuff. Everyone tells him not to buy a HP, but he probably will sooner or later. I only want him to buy a good computer and good parts, but he dosen’t like spending lots of money.

    I almost got a Hp laptop a few months ago (this was before I looked into HP). I’m some glad I didn’t. Youtube is full of videos people made with their defective laptops/computers and stuff. Instead, I’m got a Toshiba Satellite laptop, a much better one then I would be getting, with a lot better specs too.

    I avoid HP at all costs. they are the worst computer company there is around.


  17. Matthew says :

    I absolutely cannot stand HP. Their computers have a tendency to break, and their consumer printers (and their 500MB drivers) suck ass. Their laser printers are not bad, but hardly the only game in town. HP should have stuck with good quality business printers and servers. In the consumer market, their products fall far below the bar. By contrast, Dell computers are just as cheap, and in my experience, much more reliable.

    As many others have stated, their “software suites” are a joke. Who the hell wants a CD full of useless crap that takes an hour to install and will never be used? Drivers should take less than 1 minute to install, and then be ready to use.

    HP is a true story of a good company gone bad.

  18. Claudio says :

    I totally agree with you!
    Even worse it’s if you’re relying on HP as a company – and I’m talking server here, not private workstations.
    Additionally to my previous bad experience, HP servers suck in combination with VMware, especially ESXi. And to add the non-plus-ultra: Every time I have a support case, I get redirected to a call-center in Tunisia (no, I’m not kidding!) where they absolutely don’t have a clue about technics and ask me the same questions over and over again.
    Summary: Hate HP!

    PS: Found your page via Google “i hate blade servers” ;-)

  19. Ashish says :

    Story was same my laptop. I got it from India and it started giving blue screen while starting and not even the recovery option was working. Then i tried to contact hp Netherlands here for help and found that they are equally clueless about what to do! no service provided, instead told me to get it seen in your local computer shop if you are in hurry, we will take our own time. and then they finally said send it back to India, as we need 8 wks time to arrange for spares involved….I got the lesson…never ever buy a hp product they are extremely irresponsible company!

  20. Dean Norris says :

    Angry tech: I hate HP as well. I bought a top-of-the-line computer. I have had to send it back twice within the first five month. The reps are condescending. I hate the India-service connection as well. What a peice of junk. Never again! Bad for me. Bad for America. Bad for anyone else who buys one. Please don’t make my mistake.

  21. Dean Norris says :

    Fortunately, I never wasted money on an expensive HP Printer. My mistake has been with HP desktops. My recomendation for top-quality coler laser printers is OKI. I have done all my printing on OKI for five years, and I am very satisfied. If you try OKI, you won’t be disappointed, and the service techs (I only needed a service tech because I misplaced the driver and had to reload to a new computer) speak perfect English.

  22. Clive Lavigne says :

    HP was very much admired at one point, now they do not stand behind anything they sell. In addition to the crappy PC’s (bring back Compaq!) and printers, they have a reputation of dropping any product (including software) that’s not making money for them, leaving their customers hanging. Never, ever buy software from HP. Their sales staff would sell their grandmother if they smelled a profit. Outsource to HP? Only if you want server techs from India and Dominican Republic (who ever is cheaper) on your server. After outsourcing we saw over 200+ new server admins added to each windows and unix servers – who are these people! And don’t think there is some super qualified server admin type watching over your server.

  23. John Muller says :

    I hate HP. Bought a printer –scanner. It scanned one document and broke. I can’t even find the phone number to call tech support. What a piece of junk. I should have known better. I bought an HP laptop and it’s a mess. Never again.

  24. David [UK] says :

    Interesting article.

    Generally speaking, while I do not “hate” HP, I do tend to avoid their products. This is because, predictably, I feel that the quality of many (not all — but *many*) of their products (typically the consumer products) is poor, and is camouflaged by slick marketing. In business terms, HP are a successful company — nonetheless, “successful” does not indicate consistent quality.

    As others have noted, the printer drivers/printer software for HP Printers (and Scanners I would argue) has been a long-running farce. This is quite amazing to me, as HP’s printer business is one of their most profitable — you would think they would attend to such matters. I do believe HP has made some progress in this area, but far from enough.

    This may sound odd to some, but generally speaking, I *never* judge IT manufacturers on the quality of their after-care service. I have learned to never rely on anyone but myself and my work-mates, and to make sound judgements when *buying the actual kit*. I see it as my responsibility to make sure that I buy a good product which has a solid, chunky design, and which works properly and does not break down. On that basis, I *do* tend to make judgements about a company based on the quality of their actual physical products — and I do have an aversion to many HP products.

    For organisations, I like Dell Optiplex desktops. They are chunky, black, serious, quiet, and they work. To me, they are the Volkswagen of desktops. (In Europe, Volkswagen are percieved as a very reliable brand — unflashy, and based on good build quality and engineering.)

    On organisational-level printers, I currently like Dell, Brother and Xerox. Dell are quite new to this area — but their printers are boxy, black, rapid (!), reliable, and easy to service. I believe that for a while, many Dell printers were “LexMark printers underneath”, but now, they have taken technologies from many different areas — so that may no longer be the case. I also like LexMark, Brother and Xerox printers. Brother is a particular favourite for me — very reliable, lean drivers, solid units.

    On servers for organisations, I like Dell and IBM. Generally speaking, you will pay more for IBM. On Dell, if you go past the budget products, you will find real quality at a fair price.

    In the past, I loved IBM for organisational-level laptops. Simply great quality. The ThinkPad serious was black, serious, and utterly reliable. A little more expensive — but you paid for that quality (by which I mean reliability and stability — not flashy gimmicks). I am unsure of Lenovo have kept that tradition going, as I have been out of the “IT loop” for some time. Dell is another serious consideration for mass (organisational) notebook buying in my opinion — I believe the Latitude range is quite similar to the Optiplex desktop range in terms of aims — i.e., reliability, stolidness. I have used some of those units in the past and like them.

    There are other areas which I am not up to speed on of course. As a result, I have not mentioned these.

  25. David [UK] says :

    ^^ One last point. I have realised that I have have fallen into the unfortunate trap of comparing (1) HP’s consumer-side products to (2) business/public sector organisational type equipment from other manufacturers. I realise that this can be an unfair comparison. Please read my post with this in mind.

  26. antiHP says :

    My family and my business have definitely become non-HP consumers. HP lost our loyalty with their lack of customer service & poor quality products. They may have presence with extensive TV commercial and print advertisements, but I’m tired of paying for these advertisements when I buy HP products…especially when their products don’t meet advertised specifications.

  27. Johan Grobler says :

    As an IT consultant I would just like to thank HP for their wonderful way of boosting my monthly income. If it was not for all their worthless and hinder-some downloads my income would have been greatly reduced.
    Keep at it HP. We need you. I get paid to remove all the crap you constantly download for printers and laptops that did not have a problem in the first place.
    Man!! I like you. With Windows 7 on the market my income from Microsoft took a bit of a knock. But with HP there, I have nothing to worry about.

  28. Penwah says :

    I totally agree. I found this page by searching on google “I hate HP”. I’m so annoyed with my multi-function printer which I purchased about 3 months ago. Software crashes all the time and when it does work it takes anywhere from 3-5 minutes from sending a doc to print and the HP spitting it out. I’ve always been a Canon advocate but was convinced by a saleman that HP had improvied and they also offer more ‘bang for your buck’ with added features – he also made a point of mentioning that HP are ink-efficient. I will challenge all of those claims.

    Very disappointed.

    • Sam Scriven says :

      That’s exactly how I found this site too…
      I HATE YOU HP!!!!

      YOU CONNED ME!!!!

  29. Thivanka Ternnekoon says :

    I bought my first lap top from my hard earned money (HP 520) In 12/2007. And just after 2 years the screen gives problems and to fix the problem the dealer ask for 700 USD.

    And what does HP says about it – No warranty no help


    Thivanka Tennekoon
    Sri lanka

  30. Joe Nathan says :

    HP in the past actually used to be about their engineering in their products. I remember when you could buy a base model of a laserjet and could add on a network card, add on a tray. No buying this laserjet xxxxdtn bull****! Ever since they merged with Compaq it’s been worse. Now it’s all about the marketing.

    I used to work for a HP repair center. Not only is the general tech and sales support bad, but if anyone has ever had to deal with those f***ing morons from the BCO (Business Center Operations) / CSN (Channel Services Network), I have much sympathy for you. Those people are a joke! That part of the company needs to be disbanded completely. We were out of doing warranty for 2 months. Customers were p***ed off. Their system would not work. Even calling them to do a warranty call, they couldn’t do. They would submit it and would keep telling me they’re “escalating the issue”. What the f*** does that mean!? I ended up fixing the issue myself. It was a problem with the user account I was using. They couldn’t even fix that!

    HP, your company just needs to either be shutdown for good, or do a complete overhaul on how you design your products AND most importantly, how you treat your customers.

  31. Rudy C says :

    HP is a joke, their customer service is absolutely a nightmare and certainly have no idea how their own products work. After my Pavillion hard drive crashed, of course, after the warranty expired ( a Seagate Barracuda that THEY were aware was not working properly). This morons couldnt even tell me what a code purple was on their own equipment. After buying a new drive and losing some of my data, I couldnt make my computer work again. After several hours and calls someone at HP tells me that my recovery disk would only work if I buy the new drive through them, since they have to “stamp it”. Well HP STAMP this, not only I will never buy any of your products but I will make sure everyone in my company, all my friends and associates know of your crappy products and service. I hate HP..if they go out of business tomorrow I wont miss them!

  32. perry says :

    about 7 years ago, i bought a top-of-the-line hp pavillion desktop. that thing was simply amazing. lots of space inside the cpu case for extra hdds and dvd drives. i upgraded it quite a bit. it chugged along for 5 years. the mouse, keyboard and speakers were of excellent quality. never a single malfunction. the thing was really neat too inside the case. all wires tucked away nicely and everything easy to dismantle. the software was minimal. it was almost a clean install of windows xp home. i don’t remember any software problem that was caused by hp software. i was very happy with it. so a year ago i got myself a 13″ pavillion notebook.
    320gb hdd, 4gb ram, core 2 duo, nvidia graphics, media center remote, vista 64bit. after hardly a week of use and about 500mb of updates, i got a bsod during boot. i understood that it was some updated driver. i did a restore. all fine until the update happened again. bsod every boot. i called them up, the stupid idiots told me to factory reset. i did it. problem solved. but since then this laptop has been a cause of utmost woe to me. the bluetooth works intermittently, wlan drops out randomly, touchpad stops scrolling randomly, etc etc. oh and a week ago i tried to watch an old dvd, it wouldn’t detect the disc. i can’t write any disc too. the dvd drive is dead. the touchpad is amazingly irritating. also, overheating. the gpu gets to 90C if you play a game like hl2, and the thing shuts off automatically.
    my advice to all of you: check out toshiba’s laptops. i have a 2yr old satellite and its very very reliable. every thing still works perfectly. i wish i had not bought hp.

  33. Mr M says :


    One malfunctioning piece of equipment is not enough to conclude HP are awful.

    Laptops die all the time. Despite your myriad symptoms, it’s probably caused by one technical issue. Note down all the issues, make a warranty call, and persist.

    No, you conclude HP are awful when you have a room full of servers that all mysteriously break in the same way at the same time AND your evidential support for something quite obvious is completely ignored by HP’s support, you rise higher and higher up the chain of command of HP, only to be met by more and more ignorance.

    That’s when you conclude you truly HATE HP.

  34. AJ says :

    Here here! I bloody hate HP too. I’ve never had such terrible customer service in my life. Having bought an HP laptop in Japan and then having it break down in the UK on me only to have HP customer service give me the complete run around I have come to hate them terribly.

    If anyone ever thought about buying an HP, I beg you…please please please….do NOT buy HP. Do not get fooled by any salesperson trying to sell you an HP. I wouldn’t accept one if they paid me to take it.

  35. Joe says :

    I beg to differ AJ.

    I’ll take the free PC any time in order to use it as spares in order to help my unhappy HP clients. A freebie is a freebie.

    I still stick to the fact that the problem is within all the “crap” they have in the installation and al their unnecessary updates. Sony Viao is going exactly the same route, telling my clients that the problem is with what they install and not their product!

    I also know about a certain series of HP’s and Sony’s that was recalled – But only on complaint by the customer.

    The ineptitude and computer knowledge of the client is always first to blame. Go figure… Only when sent back to the supplier after a very tedious procedure would a new motherboard or new laptop be supplied.

    Take for example Microsoft’s Vista. Damn! All of us know that this pre released OS (before windows 7) was the biggest piece of “crap” ever produced. But due to marketing pressure from the big marketing companies it was enforced on the unsuspecting public.

    Maybe people should stop buying pre installed outdated specials at bargain prices and go for good brand names and get a professional to do the installations with updated licsenced (or open source) products.

    But this is purely a mythical dream in an non existent so called democratical society whilst the big companies are using underpaid workers to slap “crap” together in order to remain the cheapest on the market thus allowing themselves to sell their flimsy products in order to keep shareholders happy.

    Herewith a big thank you to everyone contributing to this blog. We might be fighting a loosing battle but within our hearts of hearts we know what is going on.

    It is with great sadness that I refer you too ….


    • AngryTechnician says :

      I’d agree with your comments about the amount of junk that gets pre-installed onto many machines, but if you really think Vista was “the biggest piece of ‘crap’ ever produced”, you’ve completely undermined your own argument, and credibility. I’ve talked about how we ran Vista for years on our network with almost no issues at all. The problem wasn’t Vista; it was the underpowered machines the manufacturers installed it on – and the buggy pre-installed software and drivers they loaded with it.

      • Mr M says :

        Hear hear. When people bandy around phrases like ‘biggest pile of crap ever made’ without the adequate body of evidence to back it up, the rest of their argument goes out of the window.

  36. Joe says :

    Hehe – AJ – Seems we agree on all points.

  37. Susan says :

    I plunked down about $300 for one of the biggest and many pieces of junk offered by HP. It had all of the bells and whistles, so I figured, ‘Why not?’. First, I nearly developed a hernia getting the SOB where I wanted to put it. Then, after buying ink (about average $16-$25 each) for it, I printed roughly 17 pages on it before I got the “PAPER JAMMED: PLEASE CLEAR JAM BEFORE CONTINUING” message. Nothing was jammed in it, but I plunged ahead (like an idiot) and checked EVERY #*@&ing place that paper could possibly be hiding, I called their tech support only to find out (from someone I could barely understand) that: 1) I bought a floor model from some store (that probably also sells blenders, clothes & nail files) and 2) that particular model had a problem with getting ‘paper jam’ errors. Long story short, I swapped that printer for one from HP, had the same problem, same crappy tech support…that printer met the nice recycling guys. My $50 Lexmark works GREAT – I get live tech support if I need it and free ink from them.

  38. MY says :

    I found during 8+ months when HP reps from India and the Phillipines and other locations refused to acknowledge my extended warranty, that letters, online forms and calls to the state attorney general and BBB silicon valley CA were the most meaningful steps to getting repairs for overheating/frying computer.

  39. xxldave says :

    Oh my! This article has truly brought me back down a bit after I spent 4 hours today troubleshooting an HP-eice o crap. Ended up telling by client to box it up and return it and that I’d be back with a Canon in the morning. In my shop I have a stack of Pavilion Crap Tops, all with the same issue, the lights come on but nobody’s home. And of all the servers I maintain, HP’s are constantly loosing drives; replacing one tomorrow as a matter of fact. HP used to have good products, I had a Laserjet 4si that was still going strong after 600000 pages – those days are gone forever! What’s even worse is doing warranty work for HP… I won’t even comment only to say I’ll never accept work from them again! I wonder how many people have boxed up their hp garbage and sent it back attention CEO, oh wait, they don’t have a CEO anymore!

  40. Me says :

    Yesterday I bought a new laptop from Staples (Toshiba). As I was waiting for the guy to see if they had any of the one I wanted in the back, I was messing around a HP laptop next to the Toshiba model I wanted, I did was try and install Firefox on it becuase it had Internet Explorer, the only thing I could succeed was downloading it.

    I couldn’t find the download file anywhere and after every few seconds the mouse would freeze and if you tried to move the mouse, it would just highlight and unhighlight the desktop icons. What a piece of crap that was. The sale price was $680 or something like that, and it wasn’t even worth that much!

    I’ve never bought a HP product before nor will I ever. My sister got a HP printer becuase it was on sale for $20 and it hardly works, when you install the driver, it automatically installes every other thing on the CD too. It dosen’t give you no options.

  41. Penney says :

    Smart girl. I’m looking at 4 HP’s. 2 Printers and 2 crap tops as they say. I will never buy another. Tech support just gave me an ulcer. Bought a laptop from a “big store” that came with a 7 upgrade. Well, the crap top HD crashed 2 MONTHS in. Who backs up a new computer? Lost a BUNCH of work. Had to send it in for repair, got it back with VISTA is came installed with originally and tried to load my 7 upgrade to find out the the product key was ONLY ONE INSTALL….. What? Bought this and they won’t honor? Said I had to go BUY the 7 upgrade. SO, BEWARE…… Just because you buy an HP that comes with an HP provided upgrade, it doesn’t mean you own it….. WHAT? A Piece of GARBAGE!!!!!!

  42. Max - The IT Pro says :

    Dude, I haven’t a fuc*ing clue what HP is doing these days with their printer drivers. Thank goodness Windows 7 detects most of their recent printers so peeps can avoid those useless, bloated driver installs.

  43. Gerard Sweeney says :

    200MB? Count yourself lucky.

    The one for the printer one dept here just bought weighs in at 487MB!
    Admittedly, it’s a multi-function device but come on.. The drivers for my (very functional) Epson SCSI scanner fit on a floppy disk, for God’s sake!! So surely a TWAIN addon can’t account for the additional size?!!?

    This piece of crap also has the bonus feature of a pop-up box called Product Assistant which disobeys the “don’t show this again you piece of dreck” tick box even when running as Admin. You need to kill it in the registry.

    HP – old school laserjets (4000/5000 ish series) – untouchable. New stuff – unusable.

  44. ScottishTech says :

    OK, you can most assuredly add me to the I Hate HP list.

    We recently suffered a school wide power cut (when the local power company apparently chopped through the feed whilst attempting to put out a lamp post which had caught fire – handy).

    4 of the 8 drives in one of the servers here were showing an orange status light the next morning meaning “I’m about to die – please replace me, thanks very much”.

    After 3 hours(!) on the phone to HP support and multiple sendings of Array diagnostic reports and logs, they agreed to ship out 4 replacement drives. I was advised to swap them over one at a time and wait until the rebuild had been done (to be safe, Sir, do it one a day but make sure you check the rebuild status in the Array util).

    I dutifuly did this and Monday afternoon saw me replacing the last of the 4 drives. All had gone well with the swapping of the first 3 drives, and I made the mistake of saying out loud that the school had dodged a bullet.

    Come in the next morning to 20 people grabbing me in the car park (more painful than it sounds) saying they couldn’t get their drives.. Looked and the server has frozen.

    Another 2 hours on the phone to HP support and more sending of logs and they advise I need to blow the RAID away and rebuild the server from the ground up. “You should really have done this last week, Sir. 4 drives is a pretty big fail” – at this point, I wanted to reach down the transconinental phone exchange and strangle this gimp.. I would have and could have done this over the weekend if you’d BLOODY WELL TOLD ME..

    “Use RAID 6, Sir, it will suit your environment much better”.

    Seething, I wipe the array and look for the option to create RAID 6. It isn’t there.

    I phone our IT guys to ask if I’m just being monumentally stupid. They tell me I can’t use RAID 6 because that controller doesn’t support it – which is why it isn’t there as an option (durr).

    GAHH!!!!!!! 5 hours… 5 bloody hours and I get bum advice.

    So I go with the next best RAID setup (which is – curiously enough – how it was before), rebuild the server and leave the data from the backup drive copying back overnight.

    Come in this morning – disk 5 (one of the 4 shipped out) has an orange light and needs to be replaced..

    ANOTHER hour and a half of sending logs – at one point with the chimp on the phone saying that the error log doesn’t say anything about a duff hard drive – WHILE I AM READING IT ON SCREEN..

    He then says he can’t see what firmware version my controller is.

    It’s at this point I – through gritted teeth and with a fist ready to plunge through a wall suggest he use CTRL F.

    (“ahh there it is”)

    So he says he’s going to ship out a replacement drive and drive cage in case it’s that which is causing the grief… He advised that the cage MUST be replaced by an engineer. Which suits me fine as I can’t get blamed if it goes pear-shaped.

    I give him a note of the server room phone number where I’m going to be for the next while (oddly enough). I say – twice – that the number they have for me on record is my poky little room where I normally am, but I will be in the server room.

    5 minutes later, I get a “HP is trying to contact you”. 3 guesses which phone number they’d been trying?

    Phone them up and get a slightly snotty “I’ve tried phoning you 3 times” to which I suggest that if their “trained expert” had given them the correct phone number in the first place, we wouldn’t need to be having this conversation.

    So here I am waiting – the parts and engineer will be onsite at 12pm. This had better go with a text-book degree of smoothness or I suspect my bile will engulf a section of the school.

  45. IngridvS says :

    I have just I have just had an appalling experience with HP Customer Service agents.

    In February of this year I was recommended to buy a HP Laptop Compaq 615 Laptop as I was told that they were reliable and value for money. As you will be aware, the computers all come with a 12 month guarantee of which I am 7 months into.

    Overnight my laptop monitor went faulty (black lines all over the screen). The next day 6th Oct I called HP to log the fault and I was rudely told that I had ‘purposely damaged’ it and that would I need to pay £200 to get it fixed. Whilst clearly you have customers who ‘purposely damage’ their computers I can assure you I am not one of them. I neither have the time or the inclination to be without my computer, it is a tool that I rely on every day for both my personal and business life and I’ve always been very careful with my laptop . To clarify I have not dropped my laptop/stood on it/spilt a cup of coffee over it or anything else that would warrant it to have black lines over the screen. As explained in earlier customer call conversations (which I understand are logged so please feel free to check them) it suddenly appeared with black lines across the screen.

    Having sent it into the repair centre it has now been with them for over a month now and I still don’t have my issue resolved or my laptop back. As such I chased it and today, received the most horrendous and rude call from one of thier Customer Services employees, Oliver. I once again explained the circumstances of my call him and that I had never had a Laptop die on me before – only to be told that “I was so lucky”. Then Oliver proceeded to go through the nuances of every detail/phone call logged over the last month. Frankly, I am at work and do not have time for this.

    I told Oliver that I work in IT (as a Business Analyst) to which he replied that I ‘didn’t know how to do my job’ which I found very condescending and arrogant especially since he doesnt know me or what my job entails. Then there was the “If you leave a glass of water on the table overnight do you expect it to break?” remark, to which I replied of course not! But that is exactly what happened to me and my laptop.

    Stupidly I called him “Mate” to which he went into one that he wasn’t my mate so I called him a very rude nasty man. Which he was. I expect the phone conversation to be recordered I hopefully a manager will listen to it. Since my phone call I have done a quick search on the web and have found numerous forums/blogs/posts and even a website dedicated to HP’s disgraceful Customer Services which I had the “Pleasure” of experiencing today.

    I stilldo not have a date as to when you will have my laptop fixed and returned to me by.

    Hopefully this will prevent a few other people buying thier products and experiencing the disgraceful and rude service that I have experienced.

    • AngryTechnician says :

      That’s a pretty sorry state of affairs, and not the first I’ve heard recently about HP’s overseas support. The Infoworld Gripeline blog had a reader story in a recent article where an HP support agent actually told the customer to “f%$! off”. If I were you, I’d be tempted to get in touch with Infoworld and share your story with them too.

  46. DoneWithHP says :

    HP used to be considered the Cadillac of servers, printers and desktop computers. Nowadays their stuff is as poor as anything I’ve ever seen, and their support organization is terrible. Add to that, they charge more than all of their competition other than IBM. We were an HP shop, but have stopped purchasing the H(uge) P(ile) of c**p systems completely.

  47. HP raises rage in me! says :

    I am totally fed-up by HP. I have a nice looking multifunction printer/scanner/fax, but it stops there. Whenever a cartridge runs out of inc or goes out of date (!?!) it stalls the whole thing… I can’t print in black and white, I can’t send or receive faxes…. The same goes with my wifes HP laptop, it looks good, and that’s it…. but whenever I install the software pack for the multifunction printer so she don’t have to ask me to print whenever she needs a print… well, it just vanish by its own self in matter of a day or two… How is that for incompetent production?

    Who would buy a nice looking car that has a rubber band engine you’d have to wind up for every meter you drove? Awh, if you ever so much consider buying HP, go and buy some piece of paper, a pencil and a mobile with a calculator (if you do not allready have one) and you’d be better off with that than with HP products…!

  48. AgentWoods says :

    A class action lawsuit has been filed against Hewlett Packard in regards to intentional misrepresentation of their Inkjet Printers’ capacity/ functioning between 2001 and 2010. HP’s proposed settlement entails giving affected consumers $2-6 e-credits toward purchases http://www.shopping.hp.com– the use of which they would ultimately benefit from! Make your objection known.

    For more info, see http://thenerdleague.org/archives/296

  49. Angry at HP says :

    HP raises rage in me too! Just finally beat my all-in-one so that I never have to deal with it again. Why is it that I can’t fax if the color cartridge is out?

    Three attempts at dealing with HP printers and three fails: An all-in-one that won’t recognize the new color cartridge and won’t scan or fax without it. An all in one that has crippled two home computers and finally a wireless printer that only works when connected with a USB cable.

    No more HP printers, crap software and terrible support.

    p.s. have been very happy with my Canon Pixma – the only printer in the house that works.

  50. Joe says :


  51. Jon says :

    HP is, by far, has THE WORST SUPPORT of ANY computer manufacturer. How HP still survives with it’s mid-grade quality products and the lowest of the low support is beyond me. Their support is garbage. It feels like there isn’t a single qualified technician that works at HP, either through Home and Business support. Every tech I talk to is so infuriating, if that person was working for me and acted like that, I would probably physically slap them. It’s not just about you get someone with a foreign accent, its the fact that the person with the foreign accent has no technical common sense, and the fact that they don’t understand English.

    As any A+ level technician knows, if my computer is acting really slow, and I hear a clicking noise coming from my harddrive, and I run a chkdsk and it displays unreadable sectors, the harddrive needs replacing. Don’t tell me to try and reload Windows on the same drive!! It doesn’t make sense. If I tell you all the symptoms, the next thing out of the phone technicians mouth should be, “Ok, A new harddrive will be shipped out to you”.

    I once worked for an HP repair center. I’m actually an HP qualified tech for laserjet printers. For anyone out there who has ever had to deal with the morons at the Channel Services Network, (CSN) or Business Center Operations (BCO), I honestly can say they are worthless.

    As any HP repair center goes, you submit for warranty claims and parts. The system changed a while back. When it did, it broke the system. For 3 months, our center was down. Could not submit a single warranty order. When I would call to find out what was happening, oh they would offer to submit the order for me, BUT even they system on their end could not submit the order. They kept telling me that they would get it to a higher support level and “escalate the issue”. This was said to me at least 9 times. 9 escalations. No one wanted to help me… they didn’t care to help me.. even though we were a “gold level” status repair center, which meant nothing to them. The only thing I know of Gold Status is that I was informed that it meant we could get free support for out of warranty products, which never worked. Half the technicians I spoke with had no clue as to what I was talking about.

    It comes down to this, if you buy HP, be prepared for it to break just slightly over a few days past the standard year warranty, and if it so happens you have warranty on HP’s products, be prepared to fight them to get your equipment fixed.

  52. kevin says :

    I have a DV7 overheating – 3rd repair in 3 weeks and machine is not even 3 months old

  53. sglover says :

    Got an HP desktop back around 2006. I’ve got it set up as a dual-boot machine, with SuSe Linux in one partition and XP on the other — I only have MS c*** on the machine at all because of a couple of games.

    So maybe I’m perverse, but I don’t think a PC should become unreliable within five years. Nevertheless, the thing is becoming increasingly flaky, freezing for no discernible reason, under either operating system.

    I’m getting reconciled to buying another machine, even though I can certainly think of better things to spend a couple hundred dollars on. But whatever I get, it won’t be anything from HP.

    That useless Carly Fiorina really brought a once-great company down, eh?

  54. Jon Doyle says :

    I need to throw my hat in the ring here …

    I’ve had a broken printer for 2 months now, and can I hell get it fixed, I call through the week but i need to be with the printer, so i call on the weekend and am told the printer department is closed, the woman just repeated this to me no matter what i said. I’ve now emailed the CEO, Leo Apotheker, as i cant even find a complaints number. ..


  55. George says :

    Ohhhhh Nelly do I hate HP anything! I just recently had to change an LCD on a Pavillion DV4, and man was it hard to do so. Why do you ask, well the plastic face was glued on for dear life to the actual LCD. Oh, the worst part is that I had to practically take the whole laptop apart in order to get the monitor screws off. I agree with alot of the complaints that I’ve read on here. That’s why when someone asks, what type of PC should I buy? I always start off with, DO NOT BUY HP OR COMPAQ.

  56. ABINMI says :

    For years I had an HP LaserJet that was wonderful. It finally gave out. So I bought one of these printer, scanner things F2400. What a piece of junk! I will never buy another HP product. Also do not recommended Kodak for Digital Cameras. I have seen two of them where the battery cover cracked after just a short period of time and Kodak will not even acknowledge that as a problem. Just more junk as far as I’m concerned.

  57. Jack psdanky says :

    The only good thing about HP is the old school workhorse printers like the HP Laserjet 4 series printers, which never die… I still own one that works.. HP Computer/Laptops are c****…………………

  58. Nick says :

    I have just installed an HP 2050 printer (which incidentally I bought for less than the ink cartridges cost separately – although I did get an additional free black one). Then I read this thread (Doh !).
    It only took 45 mins to install (and I’m not the quickest in the world).
    How I did it – ensured CD autorun is off (mine always is) – plugged in USB and let Windows say “Want me to find a driver” – said yes to Windows (and it happily found the driver off the disc) – printer installed and working – not one piece of HP software installed. Quite frankly if it works till the ink runs out I guess I’ll count that as a victory (I’ll let you know).
    Also It has some lovely coloured pieces of sticky but not really sticky tape free (almost as much fun as bubble wrap).

    • Johan Grobler says :

      I like your sense of humour and your excellent idea on installing your software. I will make a point of it to promote this way of installation with all my clients.
      I don’t know where you are from Nick, but here in South Africa all the cartridges that comes with a new HP printer is only approx 25% full.
      There is no way you can win with HP. I allways compare them with drug pushers – give the first one for free to get them hooked on the expensive stuff.
      Enjoy your weekend.

  59. santhosh says :

    As an ex-employee of HP partner I can say
    if HP products defects within warranty period first step HP team try to foolish the customer by explaining lot of facts like, the product failed because it is used beyond usage limit. In HP, Escalation is mandatory for repair it in under normal warranty.

    HP means Hellish Pr***s!

  60. Darren says :

    My HP sadness is due to their HP Ipaq 211. The product is great. The support, and willingness to push and develop the product is another thing. I had the great pleasure of talking to tech support once about this, and may as well have watched a room full of monkey’s throw sh*t at each other for how helpful they were.

    • Thomas sim says :


  61. Ed says :

    It took me 9 hours to setup an HP photosmart B110A (wireless printer) for a friend. There is a major bug in the firmware meaning that when it tries to obtain an IP address from the router it crashes. With some routers it’s fine but a considerable number (at least 1/3 of routers in my estimate) will kill it. It shoudl not have been released like this. I had to hack into it and force it to use a static address. It then immediately ran out of ink. I bought new cartridges (364 range from amazon – I can not even find the B110A all in one photosmart listed on HP.com/buy/ink) after being left unused in the printer for a few months they too are being reported as low/empty. Do HP know how shit their hardware is or do they just not care?

  62. ScottishTech says :

    Ed – I think it’s a combination of the two

  63. Cruzinhas says :

    Unfortunatly I share the same hate with you, got a dv6 then for the next week will be the third time I gonna send it to the repair cause they could’t repair a simple blue screen escalated problem, and the worst they ignore most of my words in the email, today, I make a decision to NEVAR buy anything from HP anymore.

  64. MegL says :

    I hate HP with the fury of 1,000 suns. THEY SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. AJLComputers says :

    Couldn’t agree more, I’m currently trying to install a HP printer and it’s taken me over an hour to wait for the 300MB driver to download. Why can’t they just add a professional version that is just the driver and none of the cr***y software!

  66. Michael says :

    Be careful buying HP All in one PCs. My 200-5025 won’t power on and it’s only 11 months old. I tried removing and reseating the RAM, hard drive and DVD and it still doesn’t work.

  67. Michael says :

    I’m happy to report my HP All in one PC 200-5025 is working now. The things I did that seem to work were: disconnected the power cable, and while disconnected I pressed the power button a bunch of times, also pressed and held the power button for about a minute, and left it disconnected the whole day and when I came back from work I connected the power cable it and it powered on. This must have cleared the bios battery because the system time was reset. And just to be safe I installed the “ITE eHome IR Transceiver Driver Update” for Keyboard, Mouse and Input Devices from the hp driver site cause I’d read a comment on the web about the a bug with the memory card readers in HPs that prevents the PC from powering on.

  68. xterminator says :

    I hate HP too like anything… They cant make anything right. Im struggling with my f**king laptop to get it fixed. Stupid hp help and support!!! Nothing hp has done is right in its laptop products. Im not impressed and will not recommend it to anyone to buy.

  69. Danny Fricker says :

    What I hate is when these damned companies try to reinvent the wheel. They all put on their own crappy controls for things Microsoft has already. They put on crappy wireless network controls, crappy screen controls, crappy everything. Damn it, if you want to write an operating system, then write an operating system. Otherwise, leave Microsoft well enough alone. I know how to run it and don’t want to learn 50 other damn tools I don’t need and don’t work.

  70. suzieq says :

    I very much hate HP as well! I had a Toshiba Satelite, purchased in 06′. It only had 2GB and I thought I needed an upgrade. I purchased a HP dv6 in April of this yr..2011 & sold the 5 yr old Toshiba to my brother. It has been 5 months to the day & the HP died & would not charge with or without battery- DEAD. I call HP..=INDIA… and had a lovely 3 HOUR conversation about my computer, the issues with their protocol and such. I now have shipped my HP back and am waiting the next fiasco or issue to arise & due to being stuck with this POS, I either have 2 choices- Sell it and put extra money into a diffrent and reliable brand OR Purchase the longest extended warrenty possible and start saving my change for when the warrenty ends.
    You ask, well… How is she writing on this lovely forum? Glad you ask! I borrowed my old over 5yr old Toshiba back from my little brother, so I could send off my 5 month old computer because It doesnt work.. SAD.

    I have a friend who is in the BIZ tell me that HP is soon to get out of the consumer computer market and focus on things like servers and such… mmm…What do you think about that?

    I also am curious, I have heard the issue I am having is VERY common. My comp. guy said my problem, other than shelling out $$ to HP, is the power input for the adapter, where that goes into the computer and connects to a vital piece of equiptment, has either melted or broken. Said its a design flaw & well known. COuld be related to the known “computer getting way too hot” deal. Just searching you guys input… and sharing the dislike of HP!

  71. Burn_HP_Burn says :

    I been working in IT since 99 and I view everything in different scales of suck and s***. That’s just the simple truth of the matter, everything sucks so you try to find what sucks less and try to not make it suck so bad.

    I could tell you back in the day that at one time HP Printers sucked less then their competition, hell we still have 2100 and similar models still going strong “after some rebuild kits” but that is not the case now now.

    Everything with a HP logo sucks.

  72. Victor Mangraviti says :

    The man is right. HP is s***. I run a small repair centre in the UK and the “unfixable” hardware I come across is always HP.
    You may say “HP sells spares” and they actually do. But how can you pay 400 sterling pounds for a motherboard that fits a 2 years old laptop and knowing that it will die again within 2 years for the same reason?
    What about the other stuff they make? Well. It’s also s***. Printers, digital cameras, servers and the terribly bad Procurve networking. Man that is worth no more than a cubic metre of cow manure.
    And the serious companies never buy HP twice. Some might have made the mistake of buying HP “Solutions” once but I never saw a big company such as a bank or something like that buying the same rubbish twice. It’s a one-time-only experience and they will never waste their precious money on that rubbish again.
    I wouldn’t buy a pack of toilet tissue with a HP logo. I know for sure that it would make my a** bleed.

  73. Hewllt Packardhater says :

    I didn’t bother to read all of the comments, but I will leave mine…HP has got to have the most customer disrespectful attitude of any company on Earth (except MS). Think of all the perfectly good machines that were rendered obsolete when MS went to Win7 and HP did not support their machines with updated drivers. I hate waste and because HP would not spend $1.98 developing drivers for Win7 millions of people are left with junk they will eventually toss into the trash. Why couldn’t HP write drivers and sell them? No, they would rather you add to our landfills and buy new stuff from them. Stuff that is sure to go to waste when MS comes out with a new operating system. The corporate philosophy of sell and screw has got to stop. Consumers are not asking for much and they are not getting that. Greed is not good. The lust for profit has clouded good judgement and customer service. If you have come to this site you have been mangled by HP. Make a pact with yourself and all of your friends; don’t ever purchase another HP product. They are a company that needs to be thrown onto the same scrap heap as where their unsupported and crappy products is.

  74. T C says :

    HP is delivering terrible products. Have had several Hewlett Packard products like printer and laptop, but they all stop functioning after a small amount of time. Don’t buy it! It will be a waste of money! There are better alternatives!

  75. HP is horrible says :

    I work in IT and I hate HP. I hate HP with every fiber of my being.

    HP has always been c****y.

    When a HP breaks, you are are just s*** out of luck, It can’t be fixed.

    There is no support to fix anything.

    Their suggestion is to buy another HP suck product. My suggestion to my costumers and the people I help is to get a Dell.

    All their Desktops, laptops, network switches, servers, and printers suck. Everything is full of HP malware virus c*** designed to market you to buy more c*** that doesn’t fucking work.

    What ever happen to print drivers that was less then a MB and worked? The new c*** drivers are not even drivers, they are actual viruses that don’t work near as good and they bog up every computer.


    • Paul K says :

      The warranty for my Officejet 7000 runs out and the cr***y printhead stops working. Tried to clean it, didn’t work. Could I get another one? No, course not.

      And it cost a bloody fortune in ink so I’m getting rid and giving HP the finger FOREVER.

  76. Planet Xerox... no Planet Telex says :

    Amen my fellow engineer… I am thinking about taking your advice and looking at a Canon for personal use. Wish me luck!

  77. Quentin says :

    I have spent over two months talking to Win 7 techs, HP techs trying to install L7500 printer with Win7. These are crap products which have given HP a bad name. I will never buy an HP product again.

  78. ScottishTech says :

    The one I had today.. The order of the points may be slightly different – it’s hard to remember precisely when seething with rage.

    A call came in about a PC not connecting to the network. Once I’d eliminated the obvious “has a little turd unplugged the ethernet”, I discovered that if I attempted to PXE boot, it wasn’t seeing the DHCP server either no matter which wallpoint I swapped it onto.

    So a fairly logical assumption is that the onboard NIC is buggered.

    The HP call centre’s diagnosis, however, was slightly different…

    “Have you tried releasing and renewing, Sir?”
    I did originally, and it didn’t make any difference. It isn’t picking up the DHCP server on PXE boot.

    “But did you reinstall the TCP/IP stack”
    It doesn’t make any difference. It’s displaying the same issue on a PXE boot attempt.

    “Have you reinstalled Windows”
    Sweet Jesus.. It’s doing this on a PXE boot attempt. I could rip the fecking hard drive out, and it’d do the same thing.

    “Ah. So it isn’t PXE booting. It must be your PXE server, Sir”
    No. It’s working fine for the other 600-odd PCs in this school, and the other 4000-odd ones across the WAN.

    “But PXE servers aren’t always reliable”
    This is true.. However, in this instance I’m more inclined to believe that it’s the onboard NIC on this 2 year-old £400 computer. Now send out a replacement engineer before I reach down this phoneline and beat you to death with your spleen.

    “How about your DHCP server – they’re not always reliable”
    Did you hear my remark about the spleen, because now you’re just pissing me off.

    “Is there an exception in your DHCP server that might be stopping it from getting an IP address?”
    While I acknowledge that it’s entirely possible to do this, rest assured that our Infrastructure team aren’t in the habit of doing this. Ever.

    “Hmm.. Well, OK, Sir… I’m not entirely convinced, but I’ll have an engineer come out with a replacement motherboard”
    Thank you. I didn’t really fancy having my hands dirtied with Helpdesk person spleen, anyway.

  79. Jeff says :

    Very old thread, but needs an a standing ovation! I HATE HP SOOOO MUCH! I input service calls for these morons and they get to it 1 out of 20! I mean actually showing up! I had a service call with a brand new machine, like 1 week old that went bad. They opened it did nothing then closed it saying DONE. MORONS!

  80. Skepsis says :

    I honestly hope they all lose their jobs , their partners leave them and they spend the rest of their rejected lives living under bridges eating left over s***.
    Worthless human beings.

  81. Dave Albin says :

    I am so glad this site exists. How else will the truth get out there. I have witnessed the gradual decline of HP over the last 10 years. I get so many error messages from my HP printer. Their “Solution Center” is a joke, it creates it’s own problems by asking for drivers that don’t exist. My last 3 printers at home, and last 2 at work were HP. I will probably go for an EPSON one next.

  82. Bruce Sckwack says :

    I am less than fully enamored with inkjet printers. Cartridges dry up if not used every couple of weeks. The cost of replacement cartridges is so high you can sometimes buy a new printer cheaper than the replacement cartridges. I have spent the last week trying to revive some used printers that were operational but had sat a while. Complete waste of time! The ones I could get fixed did not have decent drivers for Ubuntu. So I hate printers.

  83. sjcinnamond says :

    I thought that I’d weigh in with my printer experiences for what they are worth. I have used HP for over 10 years both at home and at the school where I work where I sometimes am called to troubleshoot them. One model-a 682C-was our very expensive first HP home printer but it still works like a trooper. Sadly, many consumer HP printers that I’ve heard about since then are almost dead out of the box. Our daughter bought one when visiting us and took it home (she lives out of state) only to find that it didn’t work. HP’s answer? Go online and select another printer and they would send it to her no questions asked. They must have known that it wasn’t even worth troubleshooting. The all-in-ones that we, our friends, and staff at school have are hit or miss in reliability. An HP 2605 at school has a print quality issue with magenta toner that needs periodic disassembling of the printer (third party instructions found online) and then the problem crops up again after a few months. We inherited another 2605 and it has the same magenta toner problem. Then, when we had our network guy install drivers for the second 2605 it knocked the first 2605 off the network even though they were PCL6 drivers. He had to go back and match the versions before they’d work together. Finally, my husband bought a CP1520 color laser for home use and it has crashed his computer several times with PCL6 drivers despite turning off most background tasks that HP leaves running. We’re about to try PS drivers instead. All of this is a huge pain and waste of time so, yes, I’d add my voice of dissent to HP’s quality.

  84. ScottishTech says :

    And another one courtesy of a colleague.

    A couple of years back, his school purchased a new server with autochanger tape loader and extended warranty care pack.

    Last month (April), the whole tape loader chucked it and so a support call was raised. Imagine my colleague’s delight and surprise when he was informed that it was no longer under warranty – when he had the paperwork clearly stating the carepack was good for another 2 months.

    Cue NUMEROUS phone calls over WEEKS to one helpdesk in [random country], to be bounced to another helpdesk in [another random country] where apparently answering the phone is a luxury only offered to the elite.

    The upshot of these weeks of calls and emails: he was essentially informed (with appropriate foreign accent) “no – we’ve checked – it’s well out of warranty – here’s a quote for a new one weighing in at a couple of thousand pounds. Bye!”.

    As his head was now becoming sore with banging it off the desk, he spoke to another colleague who put him in touch with the desktop Accounts Manager (our authority buy tons of HP desktops each year, you see).. He took a note of the serial number on the case, and quickly came back saying that it’s currently in [random country] – which was news to us, since it was lying broken in a school here!

    Upon further investigation, the accounts manager found that one of the support calls for the unit last year meant the unit needed to be replaced. And evidently nobody bothered going through the correct procedure to ensure that the Carepack details tied in with the replacement unit!!

    Cue one shiny new replacement autoloader being installed today.

    Are we grateful for an accounts manager who helped us out of a hole? Without a doubt, yes. Are we fans of a company that – essentially – tried to rip us off of a few grand because their inept Helpdesks refuse to listen to logic? No. No we are not.

  85. sjcinnamond says :

    Here’s an update on the HP CP1520 mentioned in the last part of my previous post. The user guide stated that PCL6 was the default driver but that PCL5 and Universal Print Driver (UPD) PS were available online. Easy to find? I’ll let you answer that one. Anyway I eventually found them and decided to try the PCL5 installation first but it crashed right after the “connect USB cable/device detected successfully” message.To top it off it froze the computer to the extent that even the Task Manager couldn’t be brought up, causing a need for a soft power off. On restart the installer tried to run again and stalled/froze up–another restart needed. We finally got rid of the partial installation and tried the UPD PS driver. We installed it as a single printer and not a dynamic one and the installation completed without any lockups, printing a test page that was OK except for the text being cut off on the last line.

    While my husband tested printing from other applications I went to my Windows 7 Pro computer where I had previously used the CP1520 as a shared printer under PCL6. When I tried to add it with the UPD PS I first had to download the x64 drivers and got an installation confirmation, offering to print a test page. When I went to the room where the CP1520 was to check for the test print my husband said that a second printer appeared in his printers folder once I added it to Windows 7 and after that he could no longer print to the printer using the drivers he had installed for XP AND–it froze his computer again. My Windows 7 test print never printed. This time we didn’t blame HP but chalked it up to XP Home and Win7Pro not getting along with shared devices that well. Still, if the default PCL6 driver for XP had worked the way it should have (Windows 7 was happy enough with it) I would not be writing this.

    After I removed the CP1520 from my Windows 7 computer my husband’s XP computer was able to resume printing without any further trouble so far with the UPD PS drivers.

  86. lescot says :

    Can U tell me why in the hell “Solution Center” and all of the software supposedly included in the OJPROL7680 Full Version SW download does not install when I download from Ur website??? I explore the software package downloaded and the solution center is there but NO WHERE CAN I FIND OR DIRECT IT TO INSTALL. NOT ONLY THAT BUT I THINK ALMOST ALL OF THE SOFTWARE IN THE FULL VERSION WILL NOT AND DOES NOT INSTALL ON MY COMPUTER. WHICH LEADS TO MANY MANY PROBLEMS AND INOPERABILITY FOR MY AIO L7680 UNIT!!!!!!!!!!! Why in the HELL doesn’t HP support it’s customers even after the F***ING WARRANTY HAS EXPIRED????????? I have never seen such a f****d up mess when it comes to software which should download and install perfectly and then run perfectly on any PC pertaining to any of HP’s merchandise that they sell. Why????????? God Damn It anyway, I need some f***ing help from HP to get this s*** straightened out so it will at least work for us here in our home/business/office. Why in the Hell don’t U support all of Ur products and especially all the F***ING SOFTWARE THAT U PROVIDE FOR UR CUSTOMERS????? Why in the Hell don’t U at least provide E-MAIL SUPPORT????? How in the HELL can customers communicate with HP and tell them about their s***ty software programs that are supposed to support their products? Does anyone know that answer? Please tell me if U know how to even write them a f***ing e-mail about their SW. Les lescot@sbcglobal.net

  87. Steve Wright says :

    HP is simply sub-standard garbage. I have no idea why anyone would purchase anything from them. I am shocked that they still function on the market and wish their company would cease to exist!

  88. Bill says :

    I am also a PC tech…. I’ll give you a quick list of why i also hate HP.

    Their Motherboards overheat and fail constantly. Many of these are in laptops, with nvidia chips….. You can’t even replace with another without first giving the disclaimer to the customer how hp’s boards have a high rate of failure (overheating etc). They use many non-standard proprietary connectors in their desktop motherboards, so you are basically stuck buying the same HP board to make sure the media reader etc will work.

    They pioneered the “recovery partition” which is a complete absolute waste of time since most people throw their laptops around like ragdolls, and drives frequently fail. I have even seen recovery partitions that corrupt on new pcs, apparently from a bad image from the factory.

    They have a plethora of problems with “HP updates” which have in many cases failed on installs, and rendered my customer’s pcs unbootable without a repair, or reinstall of windows.

    Their “support” site is terrible, with many broken links for drivers, or even the incorrect driver supplied. They even stop supporting some devices (printers) and don’t offer any drivers. I have frequently had to go to intel, or amd websites to get chipset drivers because their “support” site didn’t include any.

    Without a class action lawsuit a few years ago forcing HP to provide customers with repair discs, they used to charge you full retail price when you lose your original.

    I wouldn’t know anything about their phone support, because lets face it, most tech support is a joke.

    I have made a lot of money from doing repairs on HPs, but i hate them for the reasons mentioned above. (there are more, but i am getting tired of typing) I have even entertained the idea of charging 20% extra to customers that bring me these sub-par paper weights because of all of the headaches involved.

    I’ll sum up hp in one sentence – Low cost, low quality parts, terrible support, terrible reliability, no accountability, bloated software, but other than that, they are OK i guess……..

  89. Louie says :

    Agree. and I just smashed my HP printer/scanner…piece of junk!

  90. sxz says :

    i’m also writing a series of anti-HP posts about my horrifying experience with them.


  91. Emm says :

    As I type this, I am having to stop every 5-10 seconds to close the “manually feed data” error message that incessantly pops up on my screen. I have already printed my sh%t but the HP printer apparently has no clue that it already did what I needed it to do. The only way to get rid of this pop-up is to waste a perfectly good piece of paper and hit OK to print the damn thing again. I despise HP and like the last poster, hope intently that they fail in business so that their products would disappear like Etsels. I only wish I could go all Office Space on the HP printer, but it belongs to my company so I can’t.

  92. Pflents says :

    I just bought an HP for a remote monitoring setup and couldn’t figure out how to set up smnp for notifications. I called tech support (Indian, of course) and after the LONG time it took to give him the product type, product serial, product number, (?) my name, (spelled repeatedly) my e-mail, whether I wished to receive product updates or special offers………….
    He tells me that the motion detection was an advanced feature and I would have to pay $60 for tier 2 support. EXCUSE ME? i HAVE TO PAY JUST FOR INFORMATION ON HOW TO SET UP A FEATURE OF THE PRODUCT!?!
    I said that was not going to happen and he said it was my camera now and it was up to me, so I hung up on him.

  93. Victor Mangraviti says :

    You’re not alone, my friend. There are several million people who hate HP.
    I have not one, but two HP printers. An old multifunctional printer which I refill the cartridges myself with ink and a newer one that prints DVD’s.
    The thing is that I use Linux. And for that reason, I don’t need proprietary crap drivers. I just use the opensource stuff and everything works fine.
    I know the HP hardware is crap but hey! At least it’s cheap.

  94. Rikki says :

    Thank you! I have always had a problem with hp. It stems, of course, from my lak of computer knowledge, but I have only had problems with these people. I like your recommendations for other products. Someone had to say it!

    I also love Epson printers for home use. Never had a problem with mine.

  95. Barbie says :

    I just spent an hour of my day being transfered 9 times to get NO HELP AT ALL!!! This company has the worst customer service EVER!!! I HATE HP with such a passion now that I will NEVER buy anything HP again and I will advise other people to not buy HP!!! WHAT A PIECE OF JUNK!!

  96. gary jackson says :

    Waited a long time to buy a laptop. Went with hp. What a mistake. Total waste of money. I’d rather work off my smart phone.

  97. Tony Mangano says :

    HP is Junk.
    I purchased an i7 Touchsmart and it freezes all of the time. HP cannot fix it. I have to completely shut it down and start again when it locks up and it does it several times a week. All of my desktop Icons have to be rearranged…and I loose whatever I am working on. A lot of money wasted on a piece of s*** computer. When you contact HP, they run you around and around…and nothing gets fixed. In fact HP has been fixing my computer for Two Years now. At the same time I purchased an HP for my office. Top of the line, Latest and greatest, spent $1,200.00….ALSO a piece of Junk. DONT BUY HP ANYTHING it’s all junk that they cannot fix. DON’T waste your Hard earned money. The company robs you blind and you get nothing but headache in return.

    • Paul says :

      My HP piece of shit was freezing all the time too. I found that if I took the side cover off and used my house fan blowing inside. It did not lock up any more. I told them this and they replaced the MB & CPU. (3 times now)

      If your warranty is over. At least you can try the fan trick.

      Good luck. I can sympathize with you.

  98. Sjaak Trekhaak says :

    Nothing wrong with my HP Laserjet 4plus, which is still going strong after 20 years.
    The ML350G5 I have to work with at work is a different story, I’d like to fill it with concrete.

  99. niidji says :

    My tech background spans many years and many products. I would have to give HP the number one spot one FUBAR products – I have spent likely 10 times more hours and re-installs and troubleshooting than just installing. They seem to have two goals, profits and wasting peoples time. Huh! Sounds a lot like Microsoft.

    I rate their software as wasting more time than the virus writing community does. Yes. Below a virus for standing.

  100. RICK says :


    F*** HP

  101. Hate HP says :

    I hate HP too and I will never buy their s**t…

  102. Paul says :

    Bought a HP Envy 8-14234. Locked up while watching youtube and playing games. Tried updating audio driver, software reported an error and could not install.

    Called support. They asked me WHY am I updating the drivers? Don’t do that, there is nothing wrong with the computer. If you want us to fix it, you have to call this other number. It is paid support.

    I told her no way.

    I called back and talked to them again. This person spoke a LITTLE better english, but her comprehension was deplorable. She made me backup my computer (3 hrs) and then wipe it out. Their backup program only copies stuff from predetermined folders. So, if you have something stored in C:\Private, it did not get backed up.

    Anyway, the restore failed. And I was stuck at 99%. She said she would mail me the restoration DVDs. Fine. Hung up.

    Retried built in restore on my own and it worked this time. At least I had access to my computer again.

    I could have done this before, but I wanted to follow their instructions implicitly.

    Anyway, next day my DVD’s arrived and I reinstalled from DVD just in case and to be sure it was done proper.

    Computer still froze up watching videos.

    Phoned HP and she had me send in the unit to a depot for service.

    They replaced MB & CPU.

    Received unit back, still locked up. Worse than before actually. Did the technician not use thermal paste???? I dunno. Phoned HP again…

    They kept trying to blame my speakers (WTF?), “what brand are your speakers?” Logitech I said, they have been building computer speakers for 30 years…

    She was going through her stupid troubleshooting skills, blaming my speakers, or my keyboard… whatever I said in a sentence, she basically blamed.

    ie: What is the problem? The computer locks up.
    How do you know its locked up? Because the sound is stuck on a note, and the keyboard does not work…

    So there is something wrong with your keyboard? No !! My keyboard is fine, the computer locks up.

    Finally I said. Look, I already know its not those parts because I have resolved the problem. Do you want to know what it is? I took the side cover off and placed my house fan beside it blowing inside. When I do that, it does not lockup. If I replace the cover, it locks up in less than 20 minutes. Something inside is overheating.

    So, back to the repair depot. Replaced MB & CPU again. Got it back. Guess what. It still locked up.

    I called back and talked to the service depot. they said they had changed everything inside, perhaps it was the graphics card. Send it back.

    Sent it back, they replaced the MB & CPU again. AND the front bezel. Why did they change the front bezel? Nothing was wrong with it? Did they break it? I suspect so.

    The front cover I have now is missing the bezel beneath the DVD drive, so I can see the spring and guts of my computer through it. Also, there is a bunch of audio holes and a couple extra empty USB sockets. They should of had a cover or sticker on this part also.

    I paid over $1500 bucks for this computer. and this is the service I get? What a joke HP is. Their technicians are idiots and try to pawn you off to a paid support service. Probably the technicians East Indian cousin.

    Nothing against East Indians, but if I had a phone support service for a english speaking nation, I would make sure my support comprehended the english language.

    Thanks for letting me blow off steam here. I used to be a HP certified technician for laptops, desktops & servers. (IBM & DELL too) The technicians at our store cheated on their online exams (have another laptop opened with the answers), so it looks like more of their stores do the same and are incompetent.

    So far my PC has gone to the shop 3 times. I’m current testing it and it hasn’t over heated yet. That is a good thing. But now the pc looks like a piece of shit.

    HP SUCKS. They don’t care about you.

    I asked to speak to a supervisor, they forwarded me to a online store.

    what a joke. stay away… stay far away…

  103. HP Is Garbage says :

    LOL I wish youthful engineers and users of these machines had more sway in actual board meetings. No computer users enjoy all these HP software garbage on every machine they make. The first thing I do when working on someone’s computer, is remove just about every HP item on it. I Cried when my father goes, Son I got two new computers! Help me set them up! And they were HP computers….. Running slower then molasses fresh out the box, thanks to all the GARBAGE HP thinks people need. I just hate how HP computers are designed for like 90yr old morons. I feel SO bad for 30-70yr old folk with HP machines that I only charge $80-120. when I am fixing one ( Usually just cleaning out the machine of HP software, for those that complain of slow PCs) 99% of the time, NO one uses ANY HP Software since the day they got the machine.

    Hewlett Packard, Your company is more focused on padding foolish executives office chairs then they are making a product that people want to use. Your innovation is horrible, I hope you hire some young minds and or capitalize on your existing assets ~ Those golden parachutes wont last long.

    Garbage, all of it is garbage.

  104. rick green says :

    I hate HP I bought a scanner some years ago and the software was an issue. Recently I bought an hp printer and after about a year I got error 0xb000f890 and no resolve from hp trouble shooting website(they had no answer). So never ever buy hp products do so at your peril ,you have been warned.

  105. Neville Scollop says :

    Low end market Laptops produced by HP are useless pieces of s***. The Pavilion model is one of the most difficult to service pieces of badly designed c*** that I have ever come across.
    HP Tech support is located in India, everything gets outsourced to India nowadays and these companies wonder why they are struggling in the market? E.ON, HP, T-Systems take note!

    I requested a quote to fix a broken screen on a laptop that is still in warranty from HP, I had a quote from a private dealer within 3 hours,… I am still waiting on a quote from HP; after a week I still have heard nothing.

  106. Jim H says :

    I worked for HP for 4 years. And saw the blue screen of death on my HP box more time in that 4 years than the other 20 years I have used windows. HP CANNOT write software. I just purchased an HP laptop. What a dumb s*** I am. Why would I put myself thru this again. Allowed it to download an HP update. OH, and again, what a dumb s***. Now my box flashes consistently and is unusable, unless you want to try an induce epileptic seizures. Just DON’T EVER install software from HP unless absolutely necessary.

  107. Joe says :

    Another computer tech here that hates HP. Their bloatware filled plastic cheaply made laptops overheat right out of the box. You see people post the same problems with the same models over and over again. I’ve even seen dead HP BIOS chips. i’ve never seen another model with a bad BIOS chip in 15 years. You have to pay over the phone for support which tells you to send it in for repair. So it costs you to be told to send it out. You get it back “repaired” with the same model motherboard with the same overheating problems. Their printers are no better, not even the high end ones. plastic junk you’d be lucky to get a year out of.
    They tempt people in the stores with killer prices and tons of software. the software is all 30 day trial junk. They load them with good processors and large hard drives (the specs most people look at) but keep the cost low because they have weak video and almost no ram. Trickery and lies at HP.

  108. Paul says :

    It is all so true….they suck bad….everything I have encounter with HP is garbage. How much time have we wasted on HP s***? I don’t support HP products. I recommend uninstalling and returning or blowing it up.
    Had to vent!

  109. Carl says :

    I just bought a black ink cartridge for my hp printer and that f***ing thing will not print out because I didn’t replace all the cartridges!!! Why do those ***holes at hp treat their valued customers like shit and fuck them over. It cost them a few pennies for a $30 cartridge!!! Don’t support those **holes folks.

  110. Wally says :

    F* YOU HP! DL380G5 ppm module G5 warning. I called you for support. You would call back, its like a week later. Meanwhile our company is moving away from you. IBM is our new choice. At least these machines DO last 3 years without having to replace mainboard, cpu etc. Go sponsor some F1, d**kheads.
    Thanks for making an administrators live an hell ( while i had all up and running awesomely, wasnt it for your stupid hardware f*ing errors ). Eat me.

  111. Kris says :

    I got a hp 2050 printer, it took me a couple of hours to format my pc and install the basics… and its took me 2 days so far to install the drivers for the hp printer!!!! And still cant get it to work….ridiculous

  112. daveburton says :

    My HP Printer just now stopped responding to the buttons on its control panel. Most importantly, the “online” button doesn’t work, and this model printer starts out off-line, so if you can’t press the online button, you can’t print. When I power it on, It does its self-test, then sits there saying “LANG=ENGLISH,” waiting for me to press the “online” button.

    I’m really peeved. However, in the interest of full disclosure, I should mention that it is a LaserJet 4 (with Postscript board – essentially a 4M without the AppleTalk interface), and it’s about 30 years old.

  113. Jeannette says :

    Me too!! I’d write more but they have wasted so much of my time with their absolutely hopeless hopeless support that I just can’t bear to waste any more time on them. I’m done! Just nobody buy Hp

  114. Richard says :

    I have been doubly cursed: I have an HP at home and one in my office. I got both at around the same time, so I wasn’t able to learn from my experience with one before getting stuck with the other.

    I have nothing new to add, except that both are the buggiest, slowest, most balky computers I have ever had to deal with. I have an HP printer at home, and that is junk, too. Customer service is a joke.

    I will never buy anything from HP again. It’s enough to drive a PC guy to Macs.

  115. Pat says :

    Big difference between HP office stuff and HP test gear. HP office stuff =>c*** with few exceptions. HP test gear (oscilloscopes, analyzers, generators etc)=> mostly really nice stuff that is fun to work with

  116. Ian Yeomans says :

    Have photosmart c4780. Every time I want to print something I have to reinstall drivers to make it work. Really really really really hate hp. Strange thing though try searching for bad press about them on internet… nothing!

    • daveburton says :

      That’s weird, Ian. I also have a C4780, and I’m using it with Windows 7, and I don’t have that problem. (However, it prints yellow as green.)

      Ian, if your C4780 is connected by USB cable to a Windows computer, do this:
      1. unplug the USB cable.
      2. then “remove” the printer from the printers folder.
      3. then uninstall the drivers and related HP software.
      4. then reboot the Windows computer.
      5. then download the latest & greatest drivers & utilities, and install them. Do NOT connect the printer to the computer until prompted to do so.
      6. When it prompts you to do so, then plug in the USB cable. The installation should complete.

      I’ll bet that’ll solve your problem.

      (Now, do you know how to make it stop printing yellow as green? Maybe change the color print cartridge?)

      • sjcinnamond says :

        I agree about being sure not to connect the printer during installation until prompted.

        Regarding yellow printing as green I suspect that the cyan is bleeding into the yellow. That happened frequently with the Canon S450 models that I managed at my school and only involved the cyan printhead cracking and leaking into both yellow and magenta. Perhaps the HP has a similar flaw.

        Finally, regarding HP in general, I would say that of all the printers that I have had to support in the last 18 years certain HP models have given me headaches but there also have been some models that have worked very well. There tends to be a difference between consumer-grade printers and business-grade ones with the latter tending to be less problematic, in my experience.

      • Ian Yeomans says :

        thnks for the input Dave I appreciate it. With the greatest of respect its usually wireless connection thats worst so I stopped using it and wired it. I usually use process above had to do it 5 times in last 2 days and now started doing it to wifes laptop too. At my wits end with the thing. I mean really it shouln’t be this hard to make a product fit for purpose.

        • daveburton says :

          With networked connection (wireless or wired) it often helps to give the printer a static IP.

          • Tracy says :

            I recommend this, as well. If I’m the one setting up the wi-fi printer for a client, I always set it’s IP, in stone, in the modem/router. It may be called “address reservation” or such, in the settings. Sometimes it’s merely a screen showing all connected devices (make sure the printer is on & detected) & a tick box saying “always use this IP”.

            That solves 99% of the connection issues.

  117. ilk says :

    I am totally with the author of the article! Same experiance! Also involved in the class-suit, where they knowingly sold me a broken product! Stole tons of my money and even more of my critical time! Their ink scam just adds to it. I too, hate HP! Never buying from them again!

  118. Wes says :

    HP envy 120

    We bought this printer for my wife since it was wireless, she used it maybe 25 times in a 12 month period only to print. The first time we tried the scan feature it wouldn’t work.

    I called HP and the printer is 24 days out of warranty so they will not replace it. But they will allow me to upgrade for a discounted price.

    Answer me this… WHY would I upgrade when the product I bought cost me over $300.00 dollars, and is still basically new, with only 25 pages printed out on it. So I upgrade from a piece of junk to another piece of junk so I can experince the same thing again.

    I am DONE with HP, I have had several of their products over the years but it seems like the quality is getting lower, the price is the same or higher and the “CUSTOMER SERVICE” is SUB-PAR!!!


  119. Gargarela says :

    Hi, I am trying to buy a replacement power adapter for my HP Pavilion.. Mission impossible!! At this point I am ready to throw my lap top into the wall and buy a new one :[ Their web site is totally useless! It is practically impossible to browse and buy suitable power adapter after recognising your lap top model. I am never buying HP again..EVER!

  120. Kellel says :

    Bought an HP laptop a few years back (Pavilion) which died a few days after the warranty. Also these come installed by default with gigs of hp bloatware to enhance your experience. Never again. I’m forced to use HP software at work which is even worse!

  121. jim says :

    We have owned 3 HP printers. The latest is a HP office jet 8500. On the three strikes your out rule, it’s out of here. It’s soooooooooooooooo smart. If I buy cheaper ink cartridges it is sure to let me know, and if I buy cartridges ahead to have on hand so I don’t run out it tells me they are out dated. Neither the printer or the company are consumer friendly. I would liked to have sent this letter so maybe they would have a clue about many of the much needed changes to be made. So instead I, since they wish to drive away customers I will go shopping for another brand. I think come spring I will take my third and final HP to the shooting range. H.P. stands for HUGE PILE of ?. you can fill it in from your own personal experience.

  122. Rob says :

    Tried activating an ILO for a server using the entitlement form sealed in an envelope from HP and it says this entitlement order is invalid or does not exist. Which means try to find a number to call support and get bounced around to the newest inept moron at HP that doesn’t have a clue on how to get it to work let alone the fact they can barely speak english.
    I’ve put in several requests for support online and never heard anything back except “We tried to contact you but got no response so we are closing your support case” They NEVER tried to contact me! EVER!
    You pay for things from HP and get nothing but hoops to jump through to get it to work. I don’t work for HP but I always have to do their F’ing job because they can never seem to figure out how to just make their crap work. HP just needs to close its doors forever and let the professionals build computers servers and printers because they don’t know what the hell they’re doing.
    Customer satisfaction is apparently not even an after thought with HP. They’ll be happy to take your money for support on your brand new product that doesn’t work though.

  123. Tracy says :

    HP= cr*p, cr*p, cr*p. They are a train-wreck of a co. Their printer drivers are a bad joke, their laptops are over-heating ovens, and their web site for driver downloads is a total clusterf*ck of endless loops– > never actually being brought to the f*cking drivers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  124. Joanne Stark (@JoanneStark6) says :

    I have an HP laptop that is almost seven years old, and I’ve got a feeling it’s on its last legs. Not sure what the heck is going on internally, but the bottom of it is starting to loosen, or rather, it feels like it’s coming away from the rest of the machine even with the screws on tight. Plus, the fan picks up after only five minutes of use, and the battery does not hold a charge anymore. The stupid door-stopper that is my HP laptop now only runs if the power cord is plugged in. thank you for posting this; I needed somewhere to vent my frustration, and I hope I don’t come across as whiny. anyway, have a nice day.

    • daveburton says :

      Seven years is actually great lifespan for a laptop battery, Joanne. You can probably get a replacement for $25 or less on eBay. Buy from someone who sells lots of those batteries, and has a feedback rating of 98.8% or better.

      Be glad you don’t have a MacBook. Their batteries are glued in.

      To solve the fan-coming-on issue, use a can of “canned air” and blast some air in where the air usually comes out. (Shutdown the machine first.) That will blow the dust out of the cooling fins, so that the machine with cool properly.

    • Tracy says :

      Batteries are about $40 on ebay (generic is fine- search using the number on the battery you have). Before using the canned air, you can try taping off all vents except the one over/near the fan. Then, use a strong vacuum & move it back & forth over the fan vent (to pull the dust back out in reverse).

  125. Greg says :

    Horrible printers, Horrible customer service! Avoid HP! Printer broke and turned off and on again and again for 5 minutes and after 2 years of business use HP says sorry, it’s not our problem even though they said it sound like a mechanical issue. Find another printer company!

  126. barry says :

    Every HP printer that I have had hasn’t lasted 3 months before I have to check the connections because some kind of error would come up I would be like WTF? Is it me, internet connection, Ink ? Fixing a paper jam was a nightmare. These printers have this trend of crashing. I have gone through several hp printers because they were inexpensive and everywhere. They all failed in record time. My wife purchased the last HP printer. The cost was a about $130 it was for our small business. Like always do I follow step by step set up instructions. First getting connected to wifi well I mean come on just press the WPS button right and bam its connected! Nope not with this HP I had to call tech support and it took almost 30 minutes to get it working. Heres the fun part, the wifi connection kept dropping, and the paper jams began. I would say to myself “maybe if Im careful with how I insert the paper into the tray” and “is my internet connection fast enough” Then at the end of the three months the ink began to leak ! I said okay now This POS is starting to get on my nerves. Screw any warranties, money back guarantees, or any thing of that sort, HP can keep it, HP printers should be investigated for flawed hardware. They all have the same results or could it be every printer Purchased was bad and fell through the cracks. I bought a Canon at home and an Epson for our small business besides the ink being costly I’ve had no problems, no jamming and no connection issues. If you have had a good experience with HP then Good for you, I will never buy an HP printer again.

  127. WhatFeelsWet says :

    I’ve owned about 3-4 HP laptops and all of them were made like absolute s***. They all only lasted about 1 week before getting bugs and issues. I wish I had known to stop buying them starting from the first laptop. I hope someday the people see what cancer HP is to the world.